Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey Extend Their Contracts With 'Grey's Anatomy' for Two More Years

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January 23rd, 2014


Grey's Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have signed two year contract extensions with the long-running ABC drama, which will keep the two stars with the show through a twelfth season. While the show has survived many cast changes, it's difficult to imagine how it would continue without Pompeo, whose character Merdith Grey is the literal Grey in Grey's Anatomy. Last summer Dempsey made statements that implied he would prefer to devote all of his time to car racing, so his renewal was slightly less anticipated. ABC has not officially renewed the show, but given that it is still one of the top series on the network, these renewals indicate that ABC plans to keep it around for at least two more years.

  • John A

    So Greys has been renewed for 2 more years then. Well unless the ratings go way down.

  • Matt M.

    The 12th season will be its FINAL season.

    Its still doing really well for being its 10th season, averaging around a 2.8 in 18-49 and around 9.0 million viewers live. And not to forget, the show is HUGE DVR playback gainer.

    2 more seasons to wrap things up will be good.

  • John

    They have learned wisely from Katherine Heigl’s mistakes. You have one of the best and most lucrative gigs in television. Why mess with that? Let the gravy train keep on rolling!

  • DSC

    tcha-tchin! :D McRich

  • pol

    With Cristina gone next season, Mer and Dereck are the only reason I will keep watching GA!

  • The 47th

    I think specially in this website we can appreciate how INSANE is for a drama to get to a 10th season and beyond.

  • Rebooted

    I can see Greys going 13. Have everybody sign on for a final 13th season after this round of contract extensions.

  • brian

    Agree totally w/ “The 47th”… 10+ years for a drama is very rare — especially when the show is still among the top 10-15 scripted shows on any network. Think of the other 10+ year old show — SVU — which gets 1/2 the ratings….


    Well I guess it will be awhile before GA is toast.

  • Tom

    “They have learned wisely from Katherine Heigl’s mistakes.”

    Remember “Knocked Up?” That was one of the three big moneymaking flicks Heigl was in before she left Grey’s. So, it makes perfect sense that she’d continue cashing in big on her successful movie career. Now that her movie career has cooled off, she’s headed back to television with a huge bank account. Some mistake.

  • zilla-rilla


    Agreed. Girl has more money than she knows what to do with.
    Though you have to agree, Heigl DEFINITELY thought her movie career was going to be way bigger than it ended up being. She went in a few flops and then nobody cared to see her movies anymore.

  • Markitos

    Good news :D I love Grey’s Anatomy

  • Carl


    Knocked up was the only movie she starred in that could be considered a big success. If any of her other starring roles were in money making movies then it would be just barely money making. I’m sure she was paid well but her movie career has largely been considered a flop. I doubt her return to TV will be much better. The public’s perception of her changed after how she left Grey’s and people won’t watch stars they don’t like.

  • Fred

    Smart move for the stars . Movie business is usually treacherous for TV personalities .

  • Bearkat

    As much as these two complain about leaving the show or leaving acting, They always sign that contract.

  • Jayson

    Best news of the year thus far!

  • Tony JJ

    Not shocking but glad it’s official. Ellen has repeatedly states that she loves her life right now. I don’t see any reason for her to want to leave other than she has a daughter. But a steady paycheck is a great thing. And I’m sure they both got substantial salary bumps especially with Sandra Oh leaving the show they freed up some money to toss their way. That’s one thing that Grey’s doesn’t have that Desperate Housewives did have, an expensive original cast. I see Grey’s staying on the airing at least through season 12.

  • ParkerWyeth

    @ Tom Katherine Heigl’s bad attitude along w/ her controlling mother pretty killed her box office career. A few good movies and then a string of flops didn’t help. She has been called exceptionally difficult to work with.
    She wanted to return to grey’s, but Shonda Rimes wouldn’t consider it.

  • gerry

    LOL @ EVERYONE who kept calling this and/or next year as the final year of greys. seriously. LOL. apparently none of you have seen abc’s current scripted average…..

    the show might not be #1 anymore, but what? its #2 drama and #3 scripted? this show isn’t going anywhere until they all decide to call it. two more years give shonda some time to get another few shows into development and even then who knows. eventually the remaining core cast will decide to move on, and when they do, it will end.

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