'Family Tree' & 'Hello Ladies' Canceled by HBO After One Season, Probable Renewal for 'Getting On'

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January 23rd, 2014

Hello Ladies

HBO has canceled comedies Family Tree and Hello Ladies after one season, Deadline reports. Hello Ladies will have a final special  episode to wrap up its storylines. Another HBO comedy, Getting On, willreportedly be renewed once the network and the show's producers agree on a budget.

  • KevinY

    I thought Hello Ladies was brilliant! I’m shocked it was canceled. I LOVED Christine Woods on the show!

  • Jon

    All 3 were rubbish.

  • Aeiouy

    I enjoyed Hello Ladies. Was not great, but good, solid entertainment.

  • James

    Was so disappointed in the quality of “Hello Ladies.” I fear that Stephen Merchant is only funny with Ricky Gervais at his side. The show had horrible comedic timing and lacked any real chemistry between the characters. Not sad to see it go. Family Tree also was disappointing despite my love for the cast. Glad HBO is cleaning house. A reboot from time to time keeps the network sharp and the quality of it’s programming among the best.

  • Kike Kikerson

    I really liked Hello Ladies. Gave me a Curb vibe and more than a few LOL moments. On top of that, I liked each character from a drama standpoint. All of them I was interested in their stories. Fat guy and his ex wife. The dopey chick and her attempts in acting. Merchants tragic dating life. Merchant and the chick’s chemistry.

    HBO and their corny habit of renewing EVERYTHING immediately failed again. With the exception of a couple good dramas and VEEP, they have put out dud after dud after dud after dud. But Ladies gets the boot after one year. A horse dies on set and Luck gets the boot after one year. Lucky Louie gets the boot after one year(I bet they wish they held on a little longer with that a Louie CK is starting to blow up).

    And then they can Boardwalk when there was so much good material to work with for another 2-3 seasons. BOOOOOOO

  • Seth

    Hello Ladies was extremely mediocre. Deserved one more season though.

  • Brad


    HBO reboots every year. They can’t keep a 30 minute show on the air besides trash like Girls.

  • maybrick

    Shame. Hello Ladies was a brilliant show. Anybody that thought it was terrible just didn’t get the show. It was never meant to be slap stick. You can clearly see the genius behind all of Ricky Gervais shows. Merchant is highly underrated & doesn’t get the props he deserves.

  • Joe

    Getting On is the best thing HBO has put on in years. Good TV. Family Tree and Hello Ladies were simply unwatchable.

    As for Boardwalk Empire, it really can’t get past the reality that Buscemi, no matter how good an actor, was woefully miscast as Nucky. He fits the role as if forced to smell a fart.

  • Carl

    I agree with you, maybrick. People need to see the English version of The Office and Extras to get the humor.

  • Derek

    I loved both these shows! Hello Ladies I thought was really well written. Maybe it’s because I live in LA and get the storyline better. It was very clever. Family Tree gets better the deeper into it you go. Too bad these shows are gone, HBO really has a lot of space to fill.

  • Really Tired

    Hello Ladies was good. I’ll miss it. But there is still going to be a ‘special’ 1 episode to follow later this year.

    Family Tree was bad. And I LOVE Christopher Guest’s work. Spinal Tal, For Your Consid, Waiting for Guffman, Mighty Wind … and of course … Best In Show.

    Getting On is good. A tough watch, but it’s dark humor is real good.

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