Predict the Ratings for the Premiere of 'Rake' (Poll)

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January 23rd, 2014


Tonight, the new drama Rake, starring Greg Kinnear as a self-destructive lawyer, premieres on FOX.  It's been described as House, Attorney at Law. In its favor: a strong lead-in from American Idol, a recognizable star, and a pilot directed by Sam Raimi. Working against it: well, singers and self-destructive lawyers are not exactly a match made in heaven. So how do you think it will fare tonight?

  • Victor Hugo

    I guess around 2.3 ratings

  • Greg

    Its biggest competition is The Taste. I *think* it can manage to pull over a 2.5.

  • Greg

    Actually, my mistake: its biggest competition is a TBBT rerun.

  • merrrranga

    i have been waiting for so long for a gardening related drama!

  • I Love TV!

    3.1 adults 18-49 9 million viewers. FOX should’ve give it the post-SB slot

  • Bob

    @ I love TV! FOX should’ve give it the post-SB slot

    I 100 percent agree. This is exactly the show that should have gotten the Superbowl following slot because it could really take off. New Girl is tired…although BB99 (or whatever) might due well but probably not so much.

  • Guardian Owl

    All I previously knew about it was from the promos and the promos are awful. It’s also about a richy rich profession, I predict it is this season’s Lone Star, less than 1.6.

  • NBC Fan

    All of Fox’s dramas in past three seasons premiered with either above a 3 or below a 2. However, I don’t see Rake doing either of those things.

    The Taste-1.0

    Amrrican Idol-3.8

    Parks & Rec-1.4
    TMJF Show-.7

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Something in the low 2’s I feel.

  • Shepherd

    If a show about singing cops can get the green light, I don’t see why a singing competition can’t get a lawyer a little boost! jk

    While this show is on my DVR list, I’m not particularly excited about it. I haven’t seen any promos for it, so it’s not that I think it looks particularly bad or anything, I’m just not particularly excited.

    I think 1.6-2.5 is a good guess.

  • Nick.

    I’m thinking 3.0 at least, with the American Idol lead-in (which would be at high 3s so that helps Rake). It would drop sharply in the next few weeks but since the show is not that serialized I expect it to gain audiences over time and get good enough ratings for renewal.

  • merrrranga

    so.. i’m getting that this ISNT about gardening??

    oh! is it a CKY prequel, an origin story for Rake Yohn?? exciting!

  • AllOfHerTw!st


    I’m excited about the rumored “Shovel” spinoff.


    With absolutely no competition whatsoever, I’m guessing 2.4-2.5

  • Mike, DDS

    It has no competition at all. 3.0 minimum

  • KMS53

    House, Attorney at law is how it was described back when Fox picked it up. The problem is the ads make it seem much sillier than that, so it’s hard to tell what sort of show it is. Still, it doesn’t have a lot of competition and it does have Greg Kinnear, so it may do just fine. I’m still cautious though and thinking around 2.2/2.3.

  • Scott

    This should be going on after the Super Bowl (as a lead-out).

    Total Viewers:
    American Idol: 13.1 million
    Rake: 6.7 million

  • David James

    People tolerated The Following for an entire season, wether Rake will have the same urgency in the plot to it we will see.

  • John A


  • sara

    I find it funny that in the ads for this show, Fox is bragging its from “the network that brought you House”. Yep and its from the network that dragged its feet in negotiations and lost House. Of course it did replace it with Mob Doctor cleverly thinking House fans wouldn’t notice its not the same physician.

    Also by the looks of the ads, Fox has NO IDEA what made House so special. To quote the good doctor “SHUT UP YOU IDIOT”

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