Predict the Ratings for the Premiere of 'Rake' (Poll)

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January 23rd, 2014


Tonight, the new drama Rake, starring Greg Kinnear as a self-destructive lawyer, premieres on FOX.  It's been described as House, Attorney at Law. In its favor: a strong lead-in from American Idol, a recognizable star, and a pilot directed by Sam Raimi. Working against it: well, singers and self-destructive lawyers are not exactly a match made in heaven. So how do you think it will fare tonight?

  • gerry

    2.5 but only because of the idol bump

  • Solverex

    I’m definitely watching. It looks good.

  • iSayso

    I’m definitely not. Already occupied.

  • Samunto

    Too optimistic you guys. It’ll get a 2.0! Trailers look awful.

  • KC

    no more than a 2.5 – I won’t watch, it doesn’t look good at all.

  • Luiz

    It will get a 2.5.

  • California

    It looks like a flop to me, but it has AI post slot and there is no competition from the other networks so around 2.4-2.5 seems realistic to me.

  • Matt M.

    2.7 / 9.0 million viewers… will the settle around 2.4 / 7.5 million viewers.

    Tonight’s Predictions…

    American Idol: 3.7 / 13.2 million viewers
    Rake: 2.7 / 8.8 million viewers

    Community: 1.4 / 3.5 million viewers
    Parks & Rec: 1.4 / 3.6 million viewers
    SSTW: 0.8 / 2.6 million viewers
    MJFS: 0.8 / 2.5 million viewers

    The Taste: 1.2 / 4.5 million viewers

  • iSayso

    I like Greg Kinnear and suicidal lawyers are all the rage today but I can only see it scratching the surface tonight.

  • whatnow91607

    House was a drama and it was hilarious! There will never be another. With a similar formula RAKE may out-comedy FOX’s comedies. 2.1 or better.

  • Why Watch

    I could care less about lawyers in real life, so why should I care about them on the tube.

  • HV

    American Idol 3.3
    Rake 2.4

  • merrranga

    “I could care less about lawyers in real life”

    really? so you do care? how much?

    yeah, i get your point though. i couldn’t care less about army doctors in korea, some racist and his family, or a psychiatrist in seattle. good thing they never made any shows like that. they would have failed immediately.

  • Jazz

    It was a bit odd. Not bad. Sorta clever. Slow moving. I almost turned it off. Tuned in to see GK. Felt sort of cable-ish.

  • WylieCoyote

    While I was waiting to see the womanizing “rake” to show up in it (which didn’t really happen), I also thought it looked like a cable dramedy. Love GK in anything, but it was a bit long in the “briefs”. Would also be nice if Australia hadn’t started it 4 years ago. 2.4-2.5 for the premiere though.

  • Ally Oop


  • kb

    2.8. I hope it is good and hope it does well after the premiere. If it can average 1.7-1.9 it will be renewed. That’s considered good for Fox.

  • Jon

    Rake should do about 3.1. Watched it tonight great show. Its a keeper

  • Michael

    Really liked the show. I can see the House vibe Fox is pushing. Flawed, really flawed, but still charming lead, who is entertaining even when he’s being a d*ck. Like House, it has a great cast as well.

  • Dan S

    I’ve yet to watch the pilot but voted 2.5 but likely will go even higher, maybe 3.0. I’m encouraged that people who’ve seen it seem to like it. Rake should be a keeper & agree it should’ve premiered after the SB.

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