ABC Replaces New Episode of 'Castle' With a Repeat on Monday, January 27

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January 24th, 2014

Castle monday November 11

The new episode of Castle, "Dressed to Kill" which was originally scheduled to air on Monday, January 27 has been pushed back a week to Monday, February 3. A repeat episode of Castle , ('Number One Fan") will now air on Monday, January 27.

  • Douglas from Brazil


  • Christian

    Maybe they couldn’t get the producers to agree to 24 this year thus having to spread the remaining episodes out til May?

  • Austin

    This doesn’t mean anything. ABC just probably didn’t realized an error in their scheduling that would have Castle end earlier than planned.

  • John A

    No big deal. Not really liking it this season much.

  • John A

    Will it air in Canada? Im guessing No?

  • Scott

    It’s because ABC want the very new episode to air during the stupid sweep week which is a joke if you ask me I mean give me a break

    abc they piss off more people than any other station there is .Who cares about the stupid sweeps they should have said this early instead of waiting to now to tell us all .

  • Ultima

    Who cares about the stupid sweeps

    The local affiliates who use the sweeps period to determine their advertising rates.


  • James

    If the weather is bad and the Superbowl gets moved to next Monday night, I’ll bet they move this episode again.

  • Eridapo


    ABC better hope the Superbowl is not move because otherwise the ratings for the episode are toast

  • Ultima

    There’s virtually no chance that the Super Bowl will get moved. They were able to get the stadium ready after a foot of snow in only 18 hours. It would take a massive storm hitting the area during a very small window of time.

    Then again, if you asked me a year ago what the odds were that they would have a power failure at the Superdome during the game… ;)

  • catsrule

    ABC probably did this so the new episode wouldn’t have competition from The Blacklist, it’s preempted on the 3rd.

  • Judy912

    I was really looking forward to this episode but I guess the February Sweeps is the reason for this change. Can’t say I blame ABC for the change. Just hope a cancellation of the Super Bowl doesn’t cause a problem.

  • Eve

    Let’s see how The Blacklist manages this.

  • WylieCoyote

    Remember when ABC spread out Lost’s schedule and everybody flipped their hatch doors? History repeated.

  • Ann Marie

    Last week’s Castle was new and was as exciting as the series when it first came on. Though listed as a comedy, a little suspense makes it better. The Super Bowl will make as little difference in the ratings as The Blacklist, which is more confusing than suspensefull.

  • Rob R

    This is perhaps the least important and least relevant news item ever posted on

  • Tianyi Li (PRC)

    @Rob R
    For some Castle fans that regularly check the site this news is important, so that they would know when the show they love air a new episode so that they wouldn’t miss it.

  • Joseph

    Maybe the “post-production” of the episode fell behind schedule and the episode simply wouldn’t be ready in time for broadcast tomorrow night (January 27th).

    Many filmed shows have several weeks of “post-production”, ranging from film editing to adding special effects, incidental music, etc. When shooting of a TV series episode ends, it usually (unless it’s broadcast live or done “live-on-tape”) needs a lot of “post-production” before it’s ready for broadcast.

  • Judy912

    You said it @Tianyi Li (PRC). It was important information to me that CASTLE’s orginially scheduled episode will not be shown and rescheduled for new week. My Comcast TV Guide on TV still shows new episode being shown tomorrow night. I would have been shocked if I didn’t read this article kindly printed in tvbythenumber’s. Thank you tvbythenumber’s for bringing this information to the attention of CASTLE fans like myself.

  • 69RoadRunner

    Guess I’ll watch Intelligence (still need to catch up on my previously recorded Blackists before watching the new one).

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