Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries' & 'American Idol' Adjusted Up; 'Reign' Adjusted Down

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January 24th, 2014

Reign January 23

The Vampire Diaries and American Idol were each adjusted up a tenth while Reign was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 FOX American Idol 3.4/10 12.39
CBS The Big Bang Theory - R (8-8:31PM) 3.0/9 12.94
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.2/3 2.72
ABC The Taste (8-10PM) 1.1/3 4.02
NBC Community 1.1/3 3.02
8:30 CBS The Millers - R (8:31-9:01PM) 1.9/5 8.86
NBC Parks & Recreation (8:31-9:01PM) 1.2/3 2.98
9:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R (9:01-9:31PM) 2.5/7 9.88
FOX Rake - Premiere 1.7/5 6.95
NBC The Michael J . Fox Show 0.7/2 2.18
CW Reign 0.6/2 1.74
9:30 CBS The Crazy Ones - R 1.4/4 6.05
NBC Sean Saves the World 0.7/2 2.58
10:00 NBC Parenthood 1.3/4 4.26
CBS Elementary - R 1.2/4 7.70
ABC Shark Tank - R 1.2/3 4.05

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Flame

    @moshane58, who wrote: “Give me a break. Reign is all the buzz on the net. Nielsen needs to go…Why do these networks out up with an outdated ratings system…”

    -> Because “buzz” does not translate into sales from the ads and the fact that there is no other reliable ratings measurement system.

  • Angry Non-Fox Viewer

    Hahaha. Way to go Community! 5th out of 5 in the ratings!! NBC = Needs Better Comedies.

  • sitcomlover

    NBC is not going to find a better comedy than Community. Sick of the haters. Most viewers prefer mindless drivel to good TV. The time slot is a killer. If Community and Parks, for that matter, were on 9 to 10, with a decent non-comedy lead in, the numbers would be much better. I’m old school, rooting for shows I like to do well, not for those I don’t watch to crash. Some people are just idiots here, but most are thoughtful.

  • Jerry

    The post-Vampire Diaries slot is as cursed as the post-MF slot. Nothing besides Supernatural during VD’s first season has done well despite the lead-in, and those that survived their rookie seasons got moved somewhere else, leading to even worse ratings.

  • Davie

    TVD only rated .1 higher than SPN and TO. One show is a freshmen while the other is a 9 year old veteran. TVD is no longer carrying theCW.

    Oh Community. Such a fantastic episode…I hope the numbers can go up in the coming weeks. I can smell that sixth season

  • Davie

    Shouldn’t Community be 4th? Not 5th? Seeing as how it had less viewers than The Taste, therefore it skews much younger. In my opinion, a higher demo with less viewers is usually the winner. But I’m no ad exec

  • LOL

    No Reign, no ….

    Please, next week we need a 0,7

  • rhoperese

    So much have for TVD . Haters Gonna Hate but u will have to Suck it UP. TO is not better THAN TVD and ratings PROVED this. TVD got better ratings in its 5th season than the TO 1st season SUCK IT UP HATERS.

  • Brandy

    @TedTalks,they can hope & expect a show to do well after VD ,the way CBS expects a show to do well after BBT or abc & Modern Family,but that dosent mean it happens.You know the old saying,wish in one hand,poo in the other and see which one fills up faster.Yes Reign was heavily promoted, so what?So we’re Ringer ,Secret Circle,Carrie Diaries.My though is CW knows VD is aging,loosing ratings,knows no new show will do well after it.I think CW has just as high expectations of Arrow as a leadin-it’s far newer/younger than VD,hasn’t had fans complaining about the seasons quality & last season,Arrow was the -#2,show on the network.Yet,most times,Arrow fans don’t stay tuned to TTP.Id be more worried about TTP crashing when it moves away from Arrow than Reign away from VD(btw,a couple times went down to 1.0,Reign stayed at 0.6,it didn’t fall).TTP has declined steadily over half it’s run so far and in OCT. when Arrow first fell to 0.9,TTP fell to its first of few 0.6s The fact that Reign kept the post VD slot at Midseason says CWs fairly happy with its performance .If they weren’t,it would’ve moved like TTP.
    @snowthey gave it a full season for one cause it wasn’t quite badly enough to not warrant one and two,to fill the schedule-Nikita,ANTM,CD wouldn’t have full seasons and needed replacing plus if any of the new shows were flops(either didn’t get a backorder or were cancelled/pulled in three episodes),they’d have more hours of original programming and wouldn’t have to replace it too.

  • Bluebells

    Ratings do not prove the quality of a show but rather the popularity of a show.

  • LaT


    I know you’re excited about The Vampire Diaries hitting 100 episodes and I’mma let you finish, but both Smallville and Supernatural hit 100 episodes while on The CW. Even discounting SV’s first five seasons, which aired on the WB, the show aired 106 episodes while on the CW (its total episodes aired on both the WB and the CW is 217). SPN, only the first season of which aired on the WB, has aired 165 episodes since the CW’s launch. Just, you know, FYI .

  • rhoperese


    U mad bro ?

  • Brandy

    @Ted Talk look at this
    SC episode ep 1 1.3 episode 9 0.9
    BatB episode 1 1.2 episode 3 0.6
    Reign episode 1 0.8 episode 9 0.6
    By now,BatB had lost half of its audience from the premire and SC got a 0.9 after a VD 1.6
    Reigns 0.6 after VDs 1.2 dosent look as bad

  • Bluebells

    What does that have to do with what i just said?

  • robin

    You missed my point entirely as I only mentioned shows that began on the CW.

  • Crest

    @rhoperese Agree

    TO snobs need to realise TO will never be a big hit like TVD is for the CW. TVD may not be as good as it was years ago but is still way better than TO. Its in 5TH season people, dont forget that.

  • itstrue

    While Reign’s ratings haven’t been mind-blowing, they have been incredibly stable and the fanbase is loyal. I love Reign and would love to see it get a second season, even if it means they move it to Fridays in the fall. If it could remain solid and steady on Fridays, its entirely possible there could be many seasons to come.

  • Bluebells

    How did this suddenly become about TO vs TVD? especially since this page doesn’t even have TO ratings, weird.

  • Bluebells

    I really want reign to improve its ratings and continue for many seasons to come, because it seems like VD is the only female skewing show that is doing really well. I’m quite concerned for the future of CW because of this.Also, i don’t think a loyal fanbase is enough to keep reign going, BATB has a loyal fanbase but with the ratings it doesn’t seem likely it will stay much longer.

  • CrimTV


    TVD only rated .1 higher than SPN and TO. One show is a freshmen while the other is a 9 year old veteran. TVD is no longer carrying theCW.

    Which is fantastic news, The CW actually have more than one strong show, four in fact: TVD, Supernatural, The Originals and Arrow. Much better than previous years.

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