NBC Live+3 Results: All-Time Record Increase for 'The Blacklist', +5.430 Million

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January 25th, 2014

The Blacklist Episode 2

via press note:

  • The Jan. 20 telecast of “The Blacklist” has set a new all-time record for biggest “live plus three-day” increase on U.S. broadcast or cable television, growing by 5.430 million viewers versus that night’s “live plus same day” result from Nielsen Media Research (to 14.262 million vs. 8.832 million).
  • On a percentage basis, that’s an increase of 61%, the show’s biggest percentage increase in total viewers to date.
  • “The Blacklist” has now delivered the seven biggest total-viewer increases of all time going from “live plus same day” to “live plus three day” results.  The gain of 5.430 million for the Jan. 20 episode narrowly beats the prior record of 5.426 million for the Nov. 4 telecast.
  • In adults 18-49, the Jan. 20 “Blacklist” jumped 1.60 rating points, from a 2.30 to a 3.90.  That’s a 70% increase, the biggest percentage gain yet for “Blacklist” in 18-49.
  • In L+3 18-49 results, “The Blacklist” outrated Fox’s 9 p.m. “Sleepy Hollow” season finale that night by 17% (3.90 vs 3.34).
NOTE: All ratings are based on viewing data from Nielsen Media Research.
  • annie

    What a beast of a show

  • Shepherd

    Man, Blacklist viewers really hate watching tv live on Mondays.

  • lainey

    Yeh, but nobody really cares that it has such a real increase in its audience through the dvr recordings because then nobody watches the ads-and because people watching live don’t get up and do other things quickly while the ads are on, anyway-and always have. But-shhhh, don’t tell the Nielsen folks. It would probably be to much of a shock to their entrenched system after all these years.

  • lainey

    Oops, typo-I meant “too much of a shock.”

  • tv2day

    This is the way TV is being watched in the modern age. Most working people dvr shows and watch them according to their own schedules. Many times u dvr two n three shows that comeon at the same time. Nielsen is out of date

  • feinn

    where do you think this data comes from…Nielsen.
    DVR is counted but advertisers don’t care if don’t watch commercials.
    You should say Nielsen overnights only provide half the audience, unless live event.

  • Ultima

    Nielsen is out of date

    Would that be the same Nielsen that has been tracking DVR usage for nearly a decade and actually supplied these DVR ratings? :roll:

  • CBSviewer

    Awesome for the fans !

  • CBSviewer

    Maybe NBC will promote the Show as #1 DVR Drama ;)

  • j

    Hmm, I’ll wait for the Live+7. All the previous eps got at least a 5 in L+7; how much will that 3.9 L+3 increase?

  • Jen

    I wonder if there would be a trend if you compared the DVR numbers of 10 pm shows to the numbers of 8pm or 9pm show. People have to wake up to go to work in the morning, and that might impact their ability to watch shows live. I’d prefer it if US primetime started at 7 and ended 10.

  • Just Because

    @ Jen; US prime time does start at 7 and end at 10 where I live — in flyover country. A lot square miles of the contiguous US has those time slots.

    As for DVR ratings, I can only DVR two shows at the same time. I’d DVR Intelligence, too, if I could, but my Cable Co won’t let me. I’d play it at the time it debuted, after NCIS. Because NCIS:LA is a terrible show with no competition anymore.

    Obviously, You’d get better live+7 ratings if you could DVR more shows.

    As for the person who accurately mentioned DVR audiences stay put during the commercials (thus having to watch commercials fly by on the screen so not to miss the show coming “back on”, savvy advertisers are now printing their logos/names on the commercial in big type, so you can’t miss it. Probably MORE advertising content subliminally gets “through” watching DVR’d shows this way.

  • keith

    There are so many channels to choose from these days its impossible to watch everything live. These figures show how popular shows really are and should be taken into account.

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