'Downton Abbey' Draws 8.2 Million Total Viewers While 'Sherlock' Averages Just 2.9 Million on PBS

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January 27th, 2014


Sunday’s Downton Abbey averaged 8.2 million viewers, while  Sherlock garnered 2.9 million viewers, down 20 percent and 28 percent since their respective premieres, according to Entertainment Weekly.

  • Chuck_T

    Still, I would think pretty good for PBS.

  • brian

    Chuck: sherlock ratings are not relevant for the US… one of the most popular shows in UK with huge ratings overseas… no production costs to PBS… if they didnt air it, BBCA would…

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Go Elementary! ;-) :razz:

  • thesnowleopard

    Whoa, Sherlock sure took a dive. Too bad. I liked this week’s episode.

  • epidrone

    I tried to like AoHT’s comment and realized again that this wasn’t Facebook.

  • UKTVFan

    Brian, Sherlock is a BBC Wales/WGBH co-production, so there are definitely production costs for PBS (the channel isn’t simply licensing the show from BBC Worldwide).

  • Gel E. Beans

    For US public broadcasting both shows are doing better than many in major markets.

  • Joseph

    It appears that the Grammy’s were the only program that drew more viewers than “Downton Abbey” in it';s time period.

    Given how popular it’s become, I wonder how long it will be before at least some PBS stations (if they haven’t done so already) start running pledge breaks around and during “Downton” episodes.


    Downton Awesome

  • brian

    UKTVFan – PBS doesnt pay production costs for sherlock… public television… license fees only. Same as for Downtown Abbey — PBS only pays the license fees…

  • brian

    UKTVFan – PBS doesnt pay production costs for sherlock… public television… license fees only.

  • Kevin

    Good show

  • Chris

    You can just download both shows for free online since they already aired in England.

    Why are people watching them on PBS?

  • theCroup

    2.9 million viewers on PBS primetime is pretty good. Not everything is going to be the monster hit that Downton Abbey is, especially on a station known for its more mature evening audience.

    and @Brian UKTVfan is correct. PBS gets production credit so they do kick in some production funds on Sherlock. That’s probably part of the reason PBS got dibs on it and it isn’t licensed to BBC-A instead.

  • Shepherd

    I’m not at all surprised at the drop for Sherlock e.2. I expect another drop for the final episode. Hopefully they can get their act back together for the next series/season.

  • Barb

    I found Sherlock online. No longer trust PBS to provide uncut shows. At least they have a variety of Brit shows unlike BBCA who seems to stick with anything SciFi.

  • David

    Maybe all those hours of ponderous British drama with just a wee break was a bit much for one evening… I am scratching my head as to why PBS showed them back to back.

  • Uktvfan

    Brian, Downton Abbey is also a co-production (between ITV and WGBH). And as the term implies, PBS/WGBH pays for part of the production. Most Masterpiece shows are PBS/WGBH co-productions with either BBC or ITV.

  • jp

    great numbers for PBS. Some good programming on that network. Love FRONTLINE.

  • Brett

    Chris, Downton’s main audience is not the kind who are likely to try to find it online.

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