'Downton Abbey' Draws 8.2 Million Total Viewers While 'Sherlock' Averages Just 2.9 Million on PBS

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January 27th, 2014


Sunday’s Downton Abbey averaged 8.2 million viewers, while  Sherlock garnered 2.9 million viewers, down 20 percent and 28 percent since their respective premieres, according to Entertainment Weekly.

  • Shalmyan

    I enjoy watching Downton in my recliner on my tv with surround sound, not in my computer chair or iPad. Yes I can watch it online, which I would do if I didn’t have PBS, since I have a cable provider, why watch it online if I don’t have to?

  • Shepherd


    You do realize that you can hook your tv and surround sound up to your computer right? I mean, if your ‘computer chair’ is so uncomfortable and/or unpleasant; why do you have it?

  • Rob R

    I want to watch Downton Abbey in high definition on a big screen. Dont think I could get the same quality with an illegal download.

  • Chris

    Rob, you absolutely can get the same quality with an “illegal download”.

    Episodes are posted in 1080p and 720p.

    You can also binge watch the entire season and not only one episode per week.

  • rsmalls

    Lol, think some peeps here are living in the days of video cds and camcorder movies. 1080p 5.1 all the way.

  • Karen W

    Sherlock had some tough competition and next week is not going to be easy either. Love Sherlock! It’s a great show.

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