Jonathan Banks Joins 'Better Call Saul'

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January 27th, 2014


Several sources report that Jonathan Banks has joined Bob Odenkirk in Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul. Banks is expected to reprise his role as  Michael “Mike” Ehrmantraut.

  • t. sterling

    I was already interested, now I’m excited. I’m loving Banks on Community.

  • TV Addict

    Lol the guy from community.

  • Dan S

    I’ve enjoyed Jonathan Banks long before BB. He was outstanding in Wiseguy & made a good foil for Eddie Murphy in the 1st Bev. Hills Cop. This is great news & hopefully Saul will have a long healthy run.

  • richard

    Saul is the one that connected Walt to Todd. Could he pop up on the show? And what about Huell or Kuby? And if you can stretch it enough, get my favorite character, Tuco. I don’t see how it’s possible, but if you can somehow get Walt (pre-meth days), then it shouldn’t be any harder to get Tuco. If anything, it’s more likely Tuco would run into Saul then old Walt. Also, Combo, Badger, Skinny Pete, Krazy-8, Emilio. Get on it!

  • richard

    Tuco. Tuco. Tuco. Tuco. Tuco. Tuco.

  • jake3988

    Jonathan Banks thoroughly enjoyed playing Mike, so I’m sure he’s ecstatic to be back. I thoroughly enjoyed him playing Mike, so I’m much more excited about this project!

  • Restless

    Yayayayay! :D Mike is/was my favorite character from Breaking Bad, I still can’t finish the show since Walt shot him. I’m happy and excited! ^^

  • Carl

    I still don’t know how this show will turn out, but this can only help things! Mike was probably my second favorite character on BB behind Gus.

  • Oliver

    Hope this doesn’t interrupt with Community’s shooting schedule when it gets renewed.

  • k:Alex

    this is before he even met Walt, Tuco could only come back as client.
    Todd is possible (only because Saul knows the company he works for),
    but Huell not, Saul didn’t had protection until Walt and Gus where trying to kill each other.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    A prequel. I guess so.

  • merrranga

    “This show was awful”

    “drug lords are growing so fast”

    “people find glamour on a meath-dealer teacher”

    three unverified, patently false statements.

    your own assumptions and false perceptions are what is ‘gross’. those ideas live in your head, not in reality…

  • Jagger Dagger

    Breaking Bad glamourized drugs?
    But ya, this tv show is the reason for the growth of drug lords (rolls eyes).

  • The Other Carl

    @Dan S, yay! Wiseguy forever!

  • The Nightman Cometh

    bleh, just let BB end, we dont need spin-offs of BB and WD, how about something new AMC

  • richard

    I don’t even see the comment on here where anyone says it glamorized drugs. Was it deleted? I don’t see what you guys are referring to.

    @K:Alex Ok, but they said Walt might make an appearance, and if we’re being honest, it’s a bigger stretch of reality that Walt would run into Saul than Huell.

  • richard

    But yes, I wasn’t considering that huell didn’t come until that point. Though, it never got into the background. Maybe at some point in the past, Saul had been associated with him, and hired him at that point because of past experience.

    Anyway, Tuco FTW!

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