'Haven' Renewed for 26-Episode Fifth Season by Syfy

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January 28th, 2014

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NEW YORK – January 28, 2014 – Syfy has greenlit 26 new episodes of its hit series Haven, which posted growth in both Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49 last year. The first 13 episodes of Season 5 are set to premiere this fall with the remaining 13 episodes scheduled to air in 2015.


Tallying its best season ever in social mentions and Twitter activity, Haven’s recently wrapped fourth season was up 11% among Adults 18-34 (314,000) and up 3% year-to-year among Adults 18-49 (926,000). Overall, Haven averaged 1.1 million Adults 25-54 and 2.3 million viewers per week and ranked second in Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54 among original cable series in its Friday 10PM ET/PT time slot. (All data Live +7).


Series stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour will reprise their roles of Audrey Parker, Nathan Wournos and Duke Crocker, respectively. Production on 26 all-new episodes is set to begin on location in Halifax, Nova Scotia this spring.


Haven, based on the novella, The Colorado Kid, from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker, who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town’s many secrets – which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past.


From leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne), Haven is co-commissioned by Shaw Media in Canada and globally via Universal Networks International (UNI).


The creative team behind Haven includes executive producers John Morayniss (Klondike, Rogue) from eOne Television and David MacLeod (Legends of the Fall, The Ray Bradbury Theater) of Big Motion Pictures, who are joined by Lloyd Segan, Shawn Piller, Scott Shepherd (Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, Greek) of Piller/Segan/Shepherd and Matt McGuinness (Journeyman, Franklin and Bash) and Gabrielle Stanton (The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy). The series was developed by Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn (Stephen King’s The Dead Zone).


Haven is produced by Entertainment One and Big Motion Pictures in association with Piller/Segan/Shepherd and airs on Syfy in the US, Showcase in Canada and internationally on UNI’s multiple Syfy channels. Entertainment One controls the worldwide distribution rights to the one-hour series.

  • JJA

    Season 4 wasn’t nearly as bad as some fans say it was. The first 8 episodes were all VERY strong, as were the final two. The “Colorado kid” mystery did take a backseat, but it will no doubt return to prominence in season 5. Also, season 4 introduced William and Jennifer, and elevated Dwight’s role. So, overall, it was a solid season, albeit not as good as season 3.

  • RESI

    So basically it’s two series in one? Kind of don’t get that but oh well. Great show. Probably final season, Syfy usually stops after five.

  • Billiam

    I’m very happy about this. I was expecting a cancellation to be honest after Haven only getting 0.4 numbers and SyFy taking so ong to announce but I am excited about not only getting 13 more episodes but double that!

  • Shepherd

    I pretty much can only repeat what’s already been said. I was shocked when I saw the 26 episode headline, but of course it makes sense from a financial pov. I’m glad they finally finished negotiations for the ‘two’ season renewal; took them long enough.

  • lauren

    yea yea I was really hopping it would get rewened because the way the way last season ended.

  • Ram510

    I don’t understand Syfy. They renew shows that only do ok at best and they cancel ones that have a following like Alphas. They are weird to me

  • Simon

    A show’s following has nothing to do with whether a show is renewed or cancelled. It doesn’t matter if it has a big fanbase or trends on Twitter, it’s all about the ratings.

  • cimmer

    Haven is arguably, the closest thing Syfy has to a ‘hit’ in its scripted shows and I say that because it’s been stable as all get out. Got to love Syfy though, they’ll squeeze a penny ’til it squeaks. lol, feel a bit sorry for the cast though.

  • Jane Elliot


    To be fair, it’s about ratings and cost. We just don’t see all of the cost information, so all we have to judge by are the ratings.

  • tj

    Yes! I for one loved season 4. I thought it was very fast paced all season, I was never bored with it.@Resi 2 seasons wrapped in one not 2 series. I’m thankful for WWE smackdown because that’s how I started getting in to Haven. The 3rd season premier then I went back and watched them all, hooked.

  • Gel E. Beans

    This doesn’t happen! Somebody believes in that show. Cool beans.

  • Ike

    Never seen it. Maybe I’ll start watching this show on Netflix now that I know it’s getting a probable final season.

    Of course this 26-episode order, split into two halves, is just a scam so that Syfy doesn’t have to give anyone a contractually-required pay raise for a sixth season, just like Breaking Bad’s fifth season. I presume that’s also why Adventure Time’s fifth season is 52 episodes.

    @Ram510, Alphas was great but if I recall correctly, Alphas was getting similar numbers as Haven towards the end. And I believe the numbers had a downward trajectory, sadly. Haven is presumably cheaper, and/or the network is motivated by numbers inching up, not down.

  • dvikib

    I saw the word “Haven” just as I was clicking on another article here.
    My heart sank because I was afraid it was going to be a cancellation notice.
    I quickly went back to the front page. Wow! I’m excited.
    It’s my favorite show and I love the cast.

  • Steph


  • psychic

    I thought Haven was in like its seventh season. I’m out of the loop.

  • dan

    incredible news but REALLY dont understand the logic of saying you renewed it……..for 13 episodes……then a break for nearly a year……….followed by another 13 episodes……….

    that’s what you already do in between seasons!!!!

    why didn’t they simply say it’s renewed for Seasons 5 and 6???? crazy

  • Nathan

    And a 13 episode season 6 as Teen Wolf taught us.

  • John

    I’m going to have to catch up on this show, now that I know it will be renewed. There is so little quality on SyFy these days, good to see this show will be around for a while.

  • violet hour

    i might be tempted to give this show a shot now that its in a 5th season

  • Crystal

    So excited for this. Although I do hope the announce the second half of 5 or the last 13 episodes as the final season. I love this show and I don’t want it to drag on and on. I love the 26 episode order especially after that finale. Now I know they show has plenty of time to answer all unanswered questions and give us a real closure.

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