Monday Final TV Ratings: No Adjustment to 'How I Met Your Mother', 'The Following', or 'Beauty and the Beast'

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January 28th, 2014

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There were no adjustments among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Ratings for Monday, January 27, 2014

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.8 11 10.81
ABC The Bachelor (8-10PM) 2.5 7 8.61
NBC Hollywood Game Night 1.5 4 5.49
FOX The Following -R 1.1 3 3.95
CW Hart of Dixie 0.4 1 1.16
8:30PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.0 8 10.05
9:00PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.6 7 10.76
FOX The Following 2.0 5 6.02
NBC Hollywood Game Night 1.3 3 4.56
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.3 1 0.82
9:30PM CBS Mom 2.4 6 9.58
10:00PM NBC The Blacklist 2.5 7 10.17
CBS Intelligence 1.5 4 6.84
ABC Castle -R 1.4 4 6.82


Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

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  • Dahne

    So The Following is lower than any Sleepy Hollow episode this week. Good. It was the most disappointing show of 2013. I’d much rather have more Sleepy Hollow.

  • Ryan T

    Yeah, people who don’t watch the show shouldn’t judge the Mother from just her picture. I really couldn’t think of a better actress for the role than Cristin Milioti.

    Anyways, nice to see HIMYM *also* being the most watched show of the night in viewers. Wow!

  • Crystal

    I loved HIMYM last night from the Mothers point of view and her Journey. It was a good episode. My Boyfriend watches 2 broke girls but I don’t really like the show. Its not that great and its only good at getting and occasional cheap laugh.

  • omabin

    I personally find it very offensive how many people seem delighted with The Following’s disappointing numbers. I mean, fine, if you don’t like the show you don’t have to watch, but to actually feel and express joy with the fact that the show is not doing as well as expected is just… sad. I would get if people were saying it because they are fans of FOX’s bubble shows and are happy that this improves their chances, but in most cases it doesn’t even appear to be that. It’s just sad. I personally love the show, hate all you want.

  • Carmen

    Hollywood nights has to be the most profitable show ever.

    It’s budget has to be minuscule other than Janes salary and fir it’s toe it’s ratings aren’t bad at all for NBC.


    I think the following lost without bones lead in as they were compatible. In fact I think FOX will be happy if the following stays in these ratings. Kudos to the CBS for great turn out in viewers. I have a feeling how I met will score high in its series finale.

  • Ram510

    @ isayso

    Lol that was a good one! But you sort of made an example of what’s wrong with 2BG. The vajayjay jokes are funny but the. You notice that’s all they have to offer and after a few episodes it gets stale

  • iSayso

    The lesson we all need to learn from the HIMYM run is that if you wait too long you must settle for a Hyundai when you really wanted a Toyota.

  • Ram510

    Those numbers for The Following are the exact reason why I don’t understand why they didn’t air a new episode after it’s premiere in it’s regular time slot. Fox has been terrible at scheduling this season

  • Terry


    I’m disgusted Mom wasn’t adjusted down”

    I don’t think disgusted was the verb you are looking for. Doesn’t quite make sense. LOL!

    Mom is a good show. Also I agree with the person who said 2BG is “cheap laughs.” That having been said I still enjoy the hell out of the show. And I must say it has shown noticeable improvement this season over the first two. More of a consistent storyline and the writing is better. Jennifer Coolidge being utilized more too!

  • Kyle Kinane

    2 Broke Girls needs to go somewhere, curl up, and die a horrible death. What an awful excuse for a comedy.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    I agree. Some people on this site just want to see shows fail. If you hate the show, then don’t watch it. Let the people who actually like the show enjoy it. The Following’s huge drop only made me happy because it gives Almost Human a better chance at renewal.

  • Networkman

    I can definitely see How I Met Your Mother garnering 4.3-4.5 for its series finale. I think this is the perfect time for it to end. I’m more concerned about Two & A Half Men which no longer has any buzz and has the possibility of going out in a whimper it they continue it beyond this season.

    I agree with those who say The Following should of aired last week after part 1 of Sleepy Hollow’s season finale. And then part 2 of Sleepy Hollow’s finale should of aired last night with another episode of The Following. But I think the network was so concerned about repeating the season premiere episode for those who may have missed it.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    And it makes me feel guilty when I feel happy that another show dropped or did bad because I know that there are people who really like the show.

  • GARY

    TV listings replaced by an ad box? I’m going to the futoncritic for ratings info!

  • HeadlessHorseman

    That’s what Fox originally intended to do I believe, but when Almost Human aired back to back episodes on Sunday and Monday, the results still weren’t good. AH dropped from 3.1 to 2.3, so Fox changed its mind and decided to have the Following’s Sunday and Monday air one week apart.

    It just goes to show that premiering a show outside of its normal timeslot doesn’t really provide any advantage in the long run.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    I’m shocked that a NBC show is getting a 2.5 and more than 10 millions viewers without any help of a big lead-in.I mean I’m still shocked.

  • Networkman

    @HeadlessHorseman, I agree. The Following is not a bad show. I thought it was one of the best dramas on Broadcast season last year and felt James Purefoy should of been recognized for his work on it. But these first 2 epsidoes of the second seasons simply has not lived up to the quality of the first. It still has a lot of potential but it needs more focus. I’m happy that Almost Human has a better chance now. I really think FOX will take a better look at it, considering it had to premiere while The Voice was on and Monday Night Football and it has been growing.

    In regards to scripts, Almost Human has even more potential to be a long lasting series than The Following. A great quality buddy cop procedural never gets old and the show can explore some sci-fi being set in 2045, whereas viewers may tire of the continuous violence involved with a series revolving around a cult.

  • Kissan

    I have a feeling HIMYM will do around a 4.3-4.7 for their series finale. Let’s hope that new show Friends With Better Lives can do around a 4.0 after it. Finally 2BG hit 10 million and a 3.0 this season! It took so long! Good for Mom too, it’s an incredibly good show. I hope all those viewers stick around and watch. Amazing for The Blacklist since it didn’t have The Voice lead in and it’s airing at 10 pm after a game show.

  • jay

    Why does mike and molly skew old? More viewers than mother yet 1.2 pts lower.

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