'Sean Saves The World' Canceled By NBC, Production Shut Down

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January 28th, 2014


With anemic ratings that had Sean Saves The World pegged for certain cancellation, the news that production has been shut down isn't a big surprise. The show had received a backorder of 5 episodes for a total of 18, but Deadline reports production has now been shut down with only 14 of the episodes shot, 13 of which have already aired.

  • Ron

    should have cancelled MJF also.

  • Kissan

    We all knew this was gonna get cancelled, but I wonder why NBC cancelled it at the end of January. Did something happen?

  • RTV

    They probably want to cast Megan Hilty in a pilot.

  • Kyle

    I’m a little surprised they didn’t just wait it out. I mean they went this far why not finish out the order. Im not really going to miss it cause the show was funny.

  • Eric McInnis

    I thought it aired only 13 episodes already, not 12.

  • Eric

    Good supporting cast. Sean was the weak link. But the show was simply unfunny.

  • Joseph A

    With the Olympics about to start ,, NBC can not afford to waste promo slots for shows that have little chance going forward or the plan to cancel ,

    With SEAN gone , NBC can remove SEAN from what will be a hard sell Olympic fans that the should check out after other NBC shows after the games have ended ,

  • HV

    What will they do in the timeslot? Air Undateable, or decide that it doesn’t deserve the regular season and air P&R repeats and occasionally a new episode or a double-length one?

  • Laurence

    It’s about time. NBC Should have cancelled SSTW and MJFOX 3 months ago.
    NBC should just give up on comedies on Thursday night next season.

  • Eve

    If they only have two episodes left that means Saturday back to back burn-off and Undateable premiere date?

    Also, it’s stupid to still air TMJFS when it was lower than SSTW this week, even after a timeslot switch.

    I’m mad.

    What other comedies has NBC waiting to air?

  • KJ Styles

    I think they did this because they want to debut About A Boy following the Winter Olympics. I’m sure they’ll air a preview following the Olympics one night. I can’t say I blame them. SSTW’s ratings were terrible and quite frankly, the show sucked.

  • John

    I like Sean Hayes, but this was a horrible, horrible show.

  • Rob R

    I suspect both Sean and MJF will not return after the Olympics. MJF has already filmed all 22 episodes, so they will either dump the remainder in the summer or never air them. NBC must be planning a big re-schedule for Thursday at 9 pm effective Feb 27. Rumors abound that “The Blacklist” may move there to go head to head with Greys Anatomy.

  • Chris J


    They’ll probably move Michael J Fox to burn-off and air something new in the 9pm hour. Expect an announcement by the end of this week.

    At this point I would bet that either Hollywood Game night shifts over to Thursdays or Crossbones gets slotted there. Either way they’ll will probably relaunch the hour right after the Olympics.

    As far as Undateables. It’ll probably replace Community, if Community ends before May.

  • KJ Styles

    MJF Show won’t be cancelled until May. It was given a full season order before it even aired.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Eric: Thanks. I went off what Deadline had originally posted, but you’re correct and I’ve changed it to 13.

  • Chris J

    @Rob R

    The Blacklist isn’t moving anywhere this season…

  • KJ Styles

    About A Boy will be the show that replaces SSTW.

  • Chris J

    @KJ Styles

    No, NBC already announced About A Boy is airing after the Voice, with an Olympic preview…

  • Robert Ford

    Not surprising, but too bad, since I liked it. And it did no worse than MJF (.1 better in one case), but then if MJF’s episodes are all shot, there’s no reason to announce that cancelation. In fact it looks like NBC didn’t announce SSTW’s official cancellation either; it just leaked when they stopped production.

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