'Bones' Renewed for 10th Season by FOX; Moves to Mondays March 10

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January 29th, 2014


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ALMOST HUMAN Season Finale to Air Monday, March 3


FOX has picked up a 10th season of BONES, it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. In addition, after airing a new installment this Friday, Jan. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), BONES will return to Mondays, with all-new cases, beginning March 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).


“Over the course of nine seasons, BONES has grown from a hit crime procedural into a beloved pillar of our lineup that resonates with fans in a way that only the best of shows can,” said Reilly. “Our viewers have embraced Emily, David and the entire cast and characters of BONES as their very own, and I think they are going to love what Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have planned for Season 10!”


The fan-favorite series, starring Emily Deschanel as forensic anthropologist TEMPERANCE BRENNAN and David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent SEELEY BOOTH, will reach its milestone 200th episode during the upcoming 2014-15 season.


Chef Gordon Ramsay’s KITCHEN NIGHTMARES returns for a sixth season on Friday, Feb. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), when he pays a follow-up visit to Amy’s Baking Company.  Last season, Chef Ramsay faced off against the defiant owners…what will happen when Ramsay returns in the all-new “Amy’s Baking Company, Part Two” episode?   Don’t miss the encore of “Amy’s Baking Company, Part One,” on Friday, Feb. 21 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). This season, Ramsay visits struggling restaurants in Queens, NY; Easton, PA; Denver, CO; Arvada, CO; Woodland Park, CO; and Redondo Beach, CA. Ramsay will also re-visit La Galleria 33 in Boston, MA; the Olde Hitching Post in Hanson, MA; and Prohibition Gastropub in Everett, WA.


ALMOST HUMAN comes to a dramatic conclusion with five all-new, action-packed episodes continuing on Mondays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) beginning Feb. 3. In the season finale, “Straw Man,” airing Monday, March 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), Det. Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy) investigate a string of murders by a copycat of a serial killer whom Kennex’s father put in jail.


In this Friday’s (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) all-new episode of BONES, “The Heiress in the Hill,” the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a kidnap victim whose remains were found buried at a park.


BONES is from Far Field Productions and Josephson Entertainment in association with 20th Century Fox Television. The series was created by Hart Hanson. Hanson, Barry Josephson, Stephen Nathan, Ian Toynton and Jonathan Collier are executive producers. “Like” BONES on Facebook at facebook.com/Bones. Follow the series on Twitter @BONESonFOX and join the discussion using #bones. See photos and videos on Instagram by following @bonesfox. Download the BONES Companion app at fox.com/bones/mobileapps.


KITCHEN NIGHTMARES is a co-production of ITV Studios America and Optomen in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions. Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Patricia Llewellyn, Gordon Ramsay and Lindsay Kugler serve as executive producers. “Like” KITCHEN NIGHTMARES on Facebook at facebook.com/KitchenNightmares. Follow the series on Twitter @KNonFOX and join the discussion using #kitchennightmares.


ALMOST HUMAN is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc., in association with Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The series was created by J.H. Wyman, who wrote the pilot. The series is executive-produced by J.J. Abrams, Wyman and Bryan Burk. Kathy Lingg (“Person of Interest,” “Revolution,” “Fringe”) and Reid Shane (“Fringe”) are co-executive producers. Brad Anderson (“Fringe,” “The Killing”) directed and served as co-executive producer on the pilot. “Like” ALMOST HUMAN on Facebook at Facebook.com/AlmostHumanFOX. Follow the series on Twitter @AlmostHumanFOX and join the discussion using #almosthuman. See photos and videos on Instagram by following @AlmostHumanFOX.




  • HeadlessHorseman

    Almost Human was always meant to have just 13 episodes this season.

  • were123

    If Almost Human comes back strong with another 2.0 and FOX decides to cancel it, then they are idiots.
    I know there is no back order, but Sleepy Hollow didn’t get one either! FOX can renew the show again for a 13 episodes season if it manages to keep low 2s, and it should also be considered if it scores high 1s

  • 21149315

    Reason why BONES moving to Friday was good is that it had little competition on that day and was a great lead in for FOXs other dramedies. Whether ratings were low for a bit due to people adjusting to the new schedule wasn’t a bad thing, it dominated that slot. Moving it back to Monday just puts it at a disadvantage with ABC and their reality shows and season hits. However, since it is confirmed for a season 10, the ratings by this point shouldn’t matter.

  • Alex

    I’ll echo the comment that this seemingly confirms that Enlisted is dead (and Raising Hope) which is a bit of a shame. I quite liked it. Although I suppose Fox might still make some more changes.

    No final season announcement?

    I doubt they’d announce that before the up fronts in May if only to avoid confusion that the current season will be the last. They may also decide to wait and see how Backstorm does next season before making a call on whether to call it a day on Bones.

    It was just 90210.

    90210 was the only other drama to hit that point on Fox (so far) but not the only show

    Married with Children 11 seasons
    The Simpsons 25 seasons and counting
    Family Guy 12 seasons and counting
    American Dad 10 seasons
    American Idol 13 seasons and counting
    So You Think You Can Dance 10 seasons and counting
    Hell’s Kitchen 11 seasons and counting
    King of the Hill 13 seasons
    MadTV 14 seasons
    America’s Most Wanted 20+ seasons
    Cops 20+ seasons

    Also 24 starts its ninth season later this year so could potentially hit the 10 season milestone next season as well depending on what Fox do with it.

  • StevenD

    I’m assuming Gang Related didn’t get the slot so that it could pair up with 24 to replace Bones/The Following? Seems ideal. Only thing is I see Fox moving Bones back to Friday next fall or at some point in the season due to all these new series and it might not be good to move the show all around.

  • Kissan

    And just when Bones was starting to gain its audience back on Fridays, they move it back to Mondays again. I bet this is because The Following didn’t live up to the hype for their second season and now, since it worked out well last year, they’re moving it back to help it out. But that means Bones is gonna have to go up against DWTS, The Voice, the final episodes of HIMYM, 2BG, new CBS comedy Friends With Better Lives and CW’s Star Crossed. Why idn’t they just renew it for a final season? Ten season is good enough.

  • DenverDean

    This (Monday) was Bones reward for the 1.8 on Friday, plus TF’s belly flop on Monday. FOX knows Mondays are going to be rough this spring, so pull out the most reliable drama in FOX history. We all knew the renewal the coming. I’m sure if the finances can be worked out Bones will have a place on the FOX schedule for more seasons. Look at SVU, NBC dramas until this year have been weak for several years, yet it keeps going with cast changes, etc.

  • Ross

    Excited for Kitchen Nightmares return!

    Viva La Gordon Ramsay!

  • Alvar


    Then FOX would have renewed it for a second season, just like they did with Sleepy Hollow and The Following.

  • jake

    If I were the top executive at FOX I would renew Bones for 2 seasons and paired it with Almost Human (full season renewal) and focus on new shows for the rest of the week cause nowadays there’s no solid veteran besides Bones and the animation block (New Girl collapsed so it’s Glee, Following looks like it won’t survive past season 3, Sleepy Hollow is a huge ?? ).
    They are in big trouble, equal or even worse than ABC.

  • NBC Fan

    Wow, this is like the 10th time they moved it. Nevertheless, the renewal was deserved. I think the move was to help The Following

  • madbengalsfan85

    I feel like the move was made to prop up The Following more than anything. Which is a shame since Bones was doing quite nicely on Fridays

  • Dan

    @Oliver – Not a strange move at all. Actually exactly what I predicted.

    I knew FOX wouldn’t waste another Bones on Friday and I know they need to air something on Mondays when Almost Human ends and I knew they needed a lot for KN. So here you go.

  • Tony JJ

    Bad move. Fox found a strong performer on Fridays and they move it back to Mondays? Why? It could probably eventually hit a 2.0 on fridays.

  • Territorial

    Bones does seem to pair better with The Following. It was doing quite well on Friday (though last week’s high number was a mix of repeats + deep freeze). I figured it might happen, but after Almost Human got a Boneslike 2.0 it’s last airing (with I’m guessing a stronger male demo), I thought they’d give it a real chance.

    But with Fox apparently wanting to fudge the seasons, who knows what they’re thinking.

  • a p garcia

    I love Bones but I was hoping that this would be the final season since David Borananz will be leaving after this season. Did not like Fox moving Bones around so much its almost like they were trying to find a reason to get rid of it!

  • Sah

    Almost Human was always supposed to be only 13 episodes, just like Sleepy Hollow. It is going to air five episodes in a row, and if the ratings keep on the 2.0 range, I’m curious to see what Fox will do.

    I get why people claim Bones should stay on Fridays, yes, the ratings are awesome for Fridays, yes, they are this close to be back to its Mondays ratings, but what else Fox is suposed to to with that 8PM slot once Almost Human wraps this season?

  • Brad

    When was Almost Human ONLY going to air 13 episodes? Please point me to a link where Fox called it a limited series of 13 episodes and there would be no back order of episodes and only a second season. I’ll wait right here.

    Can you find me that link?

  • NV

    @a p garcia – Boreanaz will be back for S10

  • langslow

    The only thing I can get out of “Almost Human will reach a dramatic conclusion” is bye-bye. If they were planning to have another season they would have said something else.

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