'Stem Cell Universe' with Stephen Hawking Premieres February 3 on Science Channel

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January 29th, 2014


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"STEM CELL UNIVERSE" with Stephen Hawking

Produced by Morgan Freeman and Revelations Entertainment

World Premiere Monday February 3 at 10PM on Science Channel

From executive producer Morgan Freeman, Revelations Entertainment, and one of the greatest minds of our generation, Stephen Hawking, Science Channel presents a controversial and groundbreaking new special STEM CELL UNIVERSE with Stephen Hawking premiering on Monday, February 3 at 10PM on Science Channel.

The use of embryonic stem cells has ignited fierce debate across the spiritual and political spectrum. But what if we could create manmade stem cells - or find super cells in adults that could forever replace embryonic cells and remove the controversy? Today, we are on the brink of a new era - an age where we may be able to cure our bodies of any illness. Stephen Hawking has spent his life exploring the mysteries of the cosmos, now there is another universe that fascinates him - the one hidden inside our bodies - our own personal galaxies of cells.

Hawking takes us on a fascinating journey exploring what these wondrous and baffling mechanisms are capable of. He is joined by the scientists who are on the front lines of discovery in this field including Dr. Doris Taylor who is customizing a donor's heart with the recipient's stem cells - her goal is to revolutionize heart transplants, Dr. Paul Lu and Dr. Mark Tuszynski may have created a breakthrough that could cure paralysis, and Dr. Vincent Giampapa who believes that stem cells can be used to stem the tide of aging and create a fountain of youth.

Please join us on this exciting journey when STEM CELL UNIVERSE with Stephen Hawking premieres on Monday, February 3 at 10PM only on Science Channel.

  • http://mreedb.wordpress.com/ Michael Reed Brooks

    My grandkids may live to be 125+, and have the body and mind of someone in their 50’s. Combine this with humanity colonizing the Asteroid Belt, Mars, and the Moon, as well as Orbitals around all the planets, minor planets, and major moons, not to mention all the Lagrange points everywhere, and humanity has a bright future.

    Robotics should have already removed the need for any human alive today to need food, health, education, and basic habitations. Our value system must change radically, and it could occur very rapidly. Human creativity is what should be valued!

    At the same time, with the ability for one human to literally destroy worlds, our legal system, our behavioral treatment, and the invasion of our privacy must occur. What will be limited is access to the information, with us giving up our “freedom” to even destroy a world or another human being using already discovered technology in behavioral science. We simply cannot take the chance, as the ability for one person to destroy billions increases. Freedom and security are linked, and a balance must be kept. The Roman Republic has some very good ideas about government that would work in the future.

    Once we gain understanding of wormholes, gravity in quantum mechanics (its zillions of wormholes between pairs in the froth of “empty space,” and learn to work with the other 7 tiny dimensions we now know about, and we could explode onto the galactic scene! Dream big! Our dreams do become reality :-)

  • Brige’tte

    Is that Michael c hall narrating?

  • http://mreedb.wordpress.com/ Michael Reed Brooks

    Michael Reed Brooks, aka MReedB, ARAMCO Brat Bedouin and Hillbilly, aged beautifully :P

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