'Chicago P.D.' Gets Two More Episodes for First Season

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January 31st, 2014

Chicago PD Premiere

NBC has ordered two more episodes of Chicago P.D. for its inaugural season, bringing the total episode order to 15.

  • DenverDean

    CBS better take note and make sure that they do the same with CSI and/or CM. It would be a mistake to let CP (and SVU, for that matter) to gain more footing against repeats. Clearly, NBC/CBS are after same audience on Wed night.

  • Gabriel

    …and Dante goes crazy

  • Kara

    LOL at the Dante troll

  • Lily

    Yes!!! thanks NBC…

  • Fuzzynutz


    Oh my god, you may actually have to be quite against these 2 shows next year as promised…

    Looks like they both may get renewed.

    Looks like it Chicago P’eeD all over your face.

  • Eve

    Someone has to shut the **** up from now on…

  • jake

    I thought Chicago PD was having a 22 episode season, sucks it doesn’t.

  • zerg

    It holds most of SVU audience, it went higher in week 3, amazing numbers for NBC at 10. Renewed.

  • Eve


    Criminal Minds has 24 episodes this season.

  • Refrain

    Chicago P.D will get renewed, this additional 2 episode thing is likely the best they could do with their current schedule. Season 2 will likely be 22/23 episodes.

  • DM

    Did Dante finally get banned?

  • Dan

    @Denver Dean – Why would CBS waste money on 2 more eps just because CPD has 2 more, makes no difference in the future.

    Its rare that midseason shows get additional episodes but this is promising. I expect a renewal by May.

  • Markitos

    Great news :D

  • Steve

    Woohoo! Great show and another HIT for NBC.

  • Brendan

    Chicago PD premiered mid-season and NBC has Olympics that starts on February, which it’s why it won’t get a 22-episode order. But it’s good it got a full-season order for sure.

  • Refrain


    It would not of got a 22 episode order regardless of the Olympics this season. It’s because it premiered so late. We may of seen a few extra episodes at most.

  • Jay

    Great news, love the show.

  • Johnc

    Good news!!

    I like Chicago PD.

  • Samunto

    Well deserved! I mean it’s tying CSI at 10 and it’s got a classic 10pm cop drama feel. Only watched the pilot, liked what i saw and will catch up soon.

  • sergio

    Dante is killing himself just now… OMG what a person..

    Congratulations to CPD!

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