'The Blacklist' Sets a New All-Time Record for Live+3 Increase

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February 1st, 2014


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L+3 Results:


  • The Jan. 27 telecast of “The Blacklist” has set a new all-time record for biggest “live plus three-day” increase on U.S. broadcast or cable television, growing by 5.628 million viewers versus that night’s “live plus same day” result from Nielsen Media Research (to 15.799 million vs. 10.171 million).


  • That breaks the record set by “The Blacklist” one week earlier of a 5.430 million increase (to 14.262 million vs. 8.832 million).  Week to week, “The Blacklist” is up 11% or 1.5 million viewers in L+3 results


  • The Blacklist” has now delivered the eight biggest total-viewer increases of all time going from “live plus same day” to “live plus three day” results.


  • In adults 18-49, the Jan. 27 “Blacklist” jumped 1.72 rating points, from a 2.54 to a 4.25.  Week to week in L+3, “The Blacklist” is up 9% in 18-49 rating (4.25 vs. 3.90).


  • These  are the top “Blacklist” results in L+3 since the fall finale on Dec. 2 in both 18-49 and total viewers.



NOTE: All ratings are based on viewing data from Nielsen Media Research.

  • Tom

    Last season’s story needed closure. This season would have been much more interesting if the story had moved to another villain. Instead, viewers are getting an interminable serial drama with no resolution in sight. The plot is basically the same. The only thing that’s changed are a few of the supporting players. That’s too bad because this program had the potential for going in some interesting new directions.

  • Tom

    Whoops. My previous comment discusses “the Following”. For some reason, I ended up posting it here. Sorry, James Spader.

  • Kissan

    LOL Its funny how this show keeps beating its own record. This show is amazing!

  • Heidi

    @Tom LOLOL and here I was thinking — last season?? WTF??

  • Chris J


    I’m really loving the Blacklist.

    Between that and the Dick Wolf shows NBC has already improved their slate by leaps and bounds compared to the last two years.

    The new comedies coming in the fall sound like they may actually be good which will of course help NBC continue their turnaround.

  • MarkCH1972

    The best show on television BY far. I have been a fan since night 1!!

  • Sean

    They might as well renew The Blacklist for season 3 now…

  • CBSviewers

    @ Sean

    …And season 4 for syndication ;)

  • mrdoubleb

    So doesn’t a +50% gain from DVR/repeats mean the show could get a much higher raiting during the initial airing if it had a better slot? Or would moving it be too risky as some casual viwers would be lost? I guess getting even half that gain during the actual airing would worth mutch more to NBC in terms of advertising revenue, right?

  • RTV

    I don’t see how this doesn’t move to 9pm Thursdays in the fall

    NBC Thursday Fall 2014
    8:00 – Parenthood (Final 13 Episodes)
    9:00 – The Blacklist
    10:00 – Strongest New Drama

    NBC Thursday Spring 2015
    8:00 – Community (Final 13 Episodes)
    8:30 – Parks & Recereation (Final 13 Episodes)
    9:00 – The Blacklist
    10:00 – Strongest New Drama

  • Chris J


    It doesn’t move to Thursdays next fall if NBC scores the lucrative NFL football deal.

  • kendo

    There are clearly long story arcs in the series. I love how there are scenes and sometimes just a few lines of dialogue in a scene that move the arcs along while not detracting or distracting from the episodes. Most important of all, the producers seem to know where the arcs are going unlike some series where it is clear that the producers were making much of the arcs as they went along and had no idea how to end the arc until forced to by the cancellation of the series.

  • Samunto

    It’s great to see a brilliant series doing so well in the ratings.

    Yes, i too don’t see how this is not moving to Thursdays next fall leading out to the new Katherine Heigl drama.Though i think it will go to 10pm and NBC is most certainly not going to give up on their Thursday comedy tradition.

  • mando

    Untill TBBT rules on Thursday, NBC should try different genre likr The Blacklist against Female skewed GA and CHicago PD which can easily be paid up with TB

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