The Programs After The 'Super Bowl': How Will 'New Girl' & 'Brooklyn 9-9' Do? (Poll+Ratings History)

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February 1st, 2014

New Girl January 21Update: the ratings are in.

The timeslot immediately following the Super Bowl has in recent years been used to either premiere a new show, give a sampling boost to an existing relatively new show, or just reap the bonus advertising revenue from a veteran show.

This year, Fox has slated third year sitcom New Girl and rookie sitcom Brooklyn 9-9 to follow the big game.

Last year, CBS went with Elementary after the Super Bowl, and pushed to an 11:11pm Eastern start time by the game's blackout delay, it averaged just 20.8 million viewers, the lowest "show after" viewership since 2003.

Even though New Girl is "The Program After The Super Bowl" I figured we might as well have polls for both shows.

What do you think the viewership of New Girl and Brooklyn 9-9 following the Super Bowl will be and why?


The "Program After The Super Bowl" Ratings History

Super Bowl Year Network Program HH Rating HH Share Avg. Homes (million) Avg. Viewers (million)
XLVII 2013 CBS Elementary 11.6 23 20.800
XLVI 2012 NBC The Voice 18.4 31 37.611
XLV 2011 FOX Glee 13.6 25 15.777 26.796
XLIV 2010 CBS Undercover Boss 19.1 32 21.91 38.654
XLIII 2009 NBC The Office 11.6 21 13.338 22.905
XLII 2008 FOX House 15.7 27 17.719 29.045
XLI 2007 CBS Criminal Minds 15.1 26 16.770 26.314
XL 2006 ABC Grey's Anatomy 21.0 34 23.106 37.881
XXXIX 2005 FOX Simpsons 13.0 22 14.228 23.074
XXXVIII 2004 CBS Survivor All-Star 17.9 32 19.415 33.535
XXXVII 2003 ABC Alias 10.6 20 11.283 17.362
XXXVI 2002 FOX Malcolm In The Middle 11.5 21 12.117 21.445
XXXV 2001 CBS Survivor II 24.5 39 25.076 45.369
XXXIV 2000 ABC The Practice 15.3 27 15.420 23.847
XXXIII 1999 FOX Family Guy -Preview 12.6 21 12.560 22.005
XXXII 1998 NBC Third Rock from the Sun 19.7 34 19.260 33.662
XXXI 1997 FOX X-Files 17.2 29 16.730 29.098
XXX 1996 NBC Friends 29.6 46 28.400 52.925
XXIX 1995 ABC Extreme Special 14.2 25 13.350 22.594
XXVIII 1994 NBC John Laroquette Show 12.3 22 11.590 17.708
XXVII 1993 NBC Homicide Special 18.0 31 16.760 28.121
XXVI 1992 CBS 60 Minutes 16.8 30 15.470 24.821
XXV 1991 ABC Davis Rules 15.5 25 14.430 26.695
XXIV 1990 CBS Grand Slam 18.6 30 17.130 30.765
XXIII 1989 NBC Sun Nite Movie 20.9 36 18.890
XXII 1988 ABC Wonder Years 17.9 31 15.860 28.976
XXI 1987 CBS Hard Copy Special 19.8 33 17.310
XX 1986 NBC NBC Sunday Night Movie 16.5 25 14.170 39.729
XIX 1985 ABC Macgrouder and Loud 22.8 38 19.360
XVIII 1984 CBS Airwolf Special(s) 21.6 36 18.100 27.874
XVII 1983 NBC A-Team Special 26.3 39 21.910 21.910
XVI 1982 CBS 60 Minutes 26.2 36 21.350
XV 1981 NBC Chips 16.3 26 12.680
XIV 1980 CBS 60 Minutes 33.0 50 25.179 40.746
XIII 1979 NBC Brothers and Sisters 21.0 32 15.650 31.722
XII 1978 CBS All In the Family 30.4 47 22.160 35.472
XI 1977 NBC Disney's "Kit Carson" 25.8 37 18.370 42.816
X 1976 CBS Phoenix Open Golf 16.5 31 11.480 22.363
IX 1975 NBC NBC Sunday Night News 16.7 28 11.440 15.924
VIII 1974 CBS Perry Mason** 12.7 20 8.410 15.058
VII 1973 NBC Disney's "The Mystery 28.4 44 18.400
VI 1972 CBS 60 Minutes 20.3 36 12.610
V 1971 NBC Bing CrosbyPro-Am Golf Champshps 19.2 36 11.540
IV 1970 CBS Lassie 21.5 34 12.580
III 1969 NBC G.E. College Bowl 11.7 21 6.670
II 1968 CBS Lassie 26.3 41.2 14.730
I 1967 CBS Lassie 15.6 25.3 8.560
I 1967 NBC Disney's "The Mosby Raiders" Part II 21.7 33.7 11.910

2006-13 numbers are Live+Same Day, all others are Live Viewing.

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Oliver

    (Incidentally, that would make Elementary 13.25 million homes and The Voice 21.10m homes)

  • BeBe

    They should have put Brooklyn Nine Nine before New Girl, not after…

  • Jagger Dagger

    Interesting that for the first time (ever, if not in a long time) that there are 2 new shows following the SB. New Girl has the prime 1st spot and will do well, not sure B99 being second will get near the numbers NG will.
    My prediction is because of this there will be no “2nd show” following the SB next year.

    I think the breakout year for really promoting a show after the SB was 1988 when ABC first aired The Wonder Years. If you look at the shows aired before 1988, some of them are pretty funny including golf tournaments, a “Hard Copy” special, misc made for TV movies, and various Wonderful World of Disney specials. Man have times changed.

  • kb

    New girl around 25 million. Brooklyn will definitely drop off. It’ll be too long after the superbowl. 17 million for Brooklyn.

  • kb

    Doesn’t mean that following the superbowl will generate future success. Look at Elementary and Glee. It might actually give people a reason to NOT watch these shows in the future. Which I think will happen. Neither New Girl nor Brooklyn are must watch comedies. They are average.

  • HV

    Super Bowl 49.1 rating, 126.459 mil. viewers
    New Girl 11.9 rating, 30.525 mil. viewers
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.7 rating, 14.736 mil. viewers

  • Ultima

    Plus I think the bumps are kind of a thing of the past.

    A figment of people’s imagination would be more accurate. ;)

  • Ultima

    @Jagger Dagger
    Interesting that for the first time (ever, if not in a long time) that there are 2 new shows following the SB.

    2005 – The Simpsons/American Dad
    1999 – Family Guy/The Simpsons
    1994 – The Good Life/The John Larroquette Show
    1992 – 60 Minutes/48 Hours

  • 728huey

    The Super Bowl will be colossal as usual, but NG and B99 will be quite dependent on the outcome of the game. If the game is a blowout, than a lot of viewers will bail just after they present the Vince Lombardi trophy to the winning team, which will depress ratings. If the game goes into overtime, that will depress ratings too, since the telecast won’t begin until probably after 11:00 pm EST, at which point most people will probably be off to bed for work the next day or on their way home to do just that. BTW, no Super Bowl has needed to go into overtime yet, but last year’s power outage just after the start of the third quarter was sort of the equivalent of overtime in that it extended the end of the game well past the predicted end of 10:00 pm EST, and Elementary did not begin in the east until after 11:00 pm. Having said that, I think NG will draw about 30 million viewers, but B99 will draw just over 20 million.

  • Kate

    New Girl: 15-21 mil
    BB99: 9-14 mil

  • nate

    New Girl 55 Million and Brooklyn Nine-Nine 45 Million

  • juan

    I still find it pretty awesome that Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, which is probably the most female friendly show has had one of the biggest post Superbowl airings. You would think some of these shows that have come int the years after it would do better.

  • al

    agree completely! grey’s has close to 38 million even beating the voice.
    just goes to show it was a powerhouse. (well is still a powerhouse today even with lower ratings.

  • christian

    Grey’s had huge buzz at the time plus the first few minutes had chicks in the shower together lol

  • redbirds

    There are a lot of women that watch football as well. Especially a national celebration like the SB.

  • +1

    New Girl is hardly watchable. It’s an stupid idea to waste such a precious opportinity with an old show that nobody cares about. B99 had a better chance to shine there. Ugh! :( Expecting dissapointing numbers for both.

  • GambleGoneBad

    Coach is back! He’s super masculine, if his role is dialogue heavy this week it may be the best fit. 18-20 million

  • Kissan

    I just can’t wait to see what NBC puts after the Superbowl next year. Maybe two new comedies or a new reality competition show? Maybe The Blacklist or Chicago PD to make them stronger? Maybe a new drama like State Of Affairs or Emerald City?

  • Jim

    A Simpsons/Bobs Burgers post superbowl would have a good ratings draw, but i think New Girl could muster a strong showing

  • Johnny G

    I just want to point out that I am convinced that the post-Super Bowl slot is what made Grey’s Anatomy a hit. It was a great episode (the one with Christina Ricci and the bomb inside the guy’s stomach) and I really think ABC nailed using the Super Bowl to catapult a new show. I find it odd that is seems other networks used already established shows since instead of following suit. *Elementary was not established but as far as I can tell, the post-Superbowl slot did not do anything for it.

    We’ll see how it does for New Girl and especially B99. B99 will def take a hit but maybe people will stick around after its Golden Globe wins.

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