Scott Bakula to Star in Backdoor Pilot for Potential 'NCIS: New Orleans' Spin-off

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February 3rd, 2014


Scott Bakula

CBS has decided it needs even more NCIS. The network has cast Scott Bakula as Special Agent Pride, who leads the New Orleans branch of the crime fighting organization. His character will appear in a two part episode this spring that will serve as a backdoor pilot for the proposed NCIS: New Orleans spin-off. Last year, CBS employed a similar strategy, introducing characters for a potential NCIS spinoff, NCIS: Red in an episode of NCIS, but decided not to move forward with the project. The show's first spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles has been a success for the network. Entertainment Weekly has more details.

  • Titoveli

    Cant wait this gonna be great

  • Jeff (Canada)

    It’ll depend on what CBS needs for next season regarding new dramas. They didn’t order NCIS Red so who knows what they’ll do with NCIS NO.

  • merrrrrranga

    so it’ll be NCIS, NCIS:LA, and NCIS:NOLA??

  • Burton

    Nice. I wonder if NCIS LA could stand on its own if it didn’t have the NCIS lead in.

  • 69RoadRunner

    I’ve always liked Scott Spatula.

  • Amanda Weimar

    Been looking forward to this for awhile now. Here’s hoping they succeed.

  • juarhela

    While I’m not sure we need another NCIS….have mercy, Scott Bakula…

  • martin gray

    mark harmon is the ex producer of ncis new orleans it will be a go

  • JSunkist

    Looks like it!

  • merrrrrranga

    maybe the next on can take place in SNOLAB! science-crime!

  • Connman


  • JSunkist

    I for one was happy Red didn’t get produced. I felt very bored with their 2-part story line, and the cast for what would have been just didn’t feel like they mingled like the cast in NCIS and LA do.

  • Connman

    Wonder if/when we’ll ever see a Quantum Leap follow-up movie or (dread) remake of the series?

  • merrrrrranga

    yeah you could feel the lack of chemistry like an itchy sweater. i love Corbin but he seemed like he DID NOT want to be in that.

  • merrrrrranga

    ooh! ooh! after that they could have one that focuses on the fresno labor union!!

  • Michael Hobart

    It’s probably been too long since the series for that to actually happen.

  • aquaroyale

    How about CGIS Florida.

  • Peter J4

    Bakula makes sense as a lead, he’s charming and laconic. This will hinge on the supporting cast. The Enterprise supporting cast were also very low-key and it all ended up blurring together.

  • Science Advisor

    But will he have a Cajun accent and swamp boat? If so, I’m in. ;)

  • alex fan

    I love New Orleans, this may be my new favorite NCIS. I think it’s time to move NCIS-LA to maybe Monday night and put NCIS-NO on after NCIS. They really need to put a proven winner back on Monday nights.

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