'House of Cards' Renewed for Season 3 Ahead of Season 2 Premiere by Netflix

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February 4th, 2014

House of Cards

Netflix has renewed its award winning drama House of Cards for a third season, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The distributor has not yet announced how many episodes the third season will have or when it will premiere. Season two will launch on the streaming service on February 14.

  • Charmed

    February 154? Lol

  • GreatTVDude

    Awesome! I enjoyed the first season, am looking forward to the second, and am excited to know there’s more to follow. Netflix must like the direction the second season is taking if they’re willing to give it a third before any viewer data is available. That makes me more confident in the second season.

  • sixseasonsandamovie

    Awesome, without Breaking Bad, this show has become my favorite drama.

    Can’t wait until feb. 14th

  • Golden Star (former dantas)

    Aaww yeeaaahh!

  • Viktor Georgiev

    Wouldn’t it be great if Netfix renews “The Killing” for fifth season?

  • Feed Back

    If you like House of Cards, you’d really like Scandal. I was always skeptical, but started watching it last week. I went through all 31 episodes like candy. It’s amazing.

  • John Dorian

    Didn’t they kinda have to? The original British program had 3 seasons, and American S1 was equivalent to British S1…

  • Gerry Houser


  • Samuel Gagné Martel

    lol, they’re playing the same game as starz. Good to see they have great confidence in their show.

  • JoeBethersonton

    It’s alright. It’s like The West Wing crossed with Nashville, but not as good as either.

  • http://www.seriesmonitor.com/ Jimmy

    The television industry needs House of Cards to continue on Netflix to force change in the industry and reform copyright law and content distribution models. I’m stoked to hear it’s returning for a third season.

  • sooverit

    Great news.

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