Will 'New Girl' & 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Get a Post Super Bowl Ratings Bump? (Poll)

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February 4th, 2014


Sunday night, the special post- Super Bowl episodes of New Girl and Brooklyn Nine Nine both earned huge adults 18-49 ratings. Both shows hit series highs by huge margins. The question is whether either show will see any longterm benefit from the additional exposure. Sunday's episode of New Girl garnered a giant 11.7 adults 18-49 rating, making it the highest rated episode of a comedy since the series finale of Friends. Its most recent regularly scheduled episode garnered a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.

Freshman Brooklyn Nine Nine scored a 6.9 adults 18-49 rating on Sunday from a 1.9 for its most recent episode. Tonight, the show moves to a new 9:30PM timeslot following New Girl just like it did Sunday. So how do you think both shows will fare? Make your predictions!

  • John Dorian

    I went with the shows doing their usual.
    Tis what happened with Elementary/Glee.

  • Ivan Ivanov

    New Girl – 2.4-2.5
    B-9-9 – 2.1

  • Percy

    I hope Brooklyn Nine Nine gets at least in the 2s.

  • sixseasonsandamovie

    New Girl – 1.7
    B99 – 1.8

    Post-Super Bowl bumps are extremely rare.

    B99 will perform better than when it aired at 8:30 PM but because of the lead-in change, since Dads is a terrible lead-in.

    New Girl has its own audience and it is a 3rd year show dropping almost 20% year-to-year, so the results will be the same, with both being down from last episode since there is a new NCIS (which means a lower 8PM hour for FOX) and New Girl’s lead in will be a encore of B99’s pilot (which is going to score low 1s).

  • CrimTV

    Surely New Girl’s 400%+ increase should bring at least a few new viewers

  • RJC

    Despite New Girl’s post-Super Bowl episode being the highest-rated episode of a comedy series since the Friends finale in 2004, I’m not expecting much of a bump (if any) for either. Very low 2.0’s for New Girl and high 1.0’s for B-99, at the most, I’m guessing.

    By the way, imagine how Big Bang Theory would do behind the Super Bowl. I’m thinking probably around a 14.0-15.0 18-49 rating.

  • Eduardo

    They hope.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Ratings will be flat as in recents weeks, I don’t see a big bump.

  • Pablo Troncoso

    That is a good guess for TBBT, but I think it would actually do something near a 18.5 or even a 20, it’s just that huge

  • Pablo Troncoso

    Aside from NCSI:LA the competition is far from deadly and New Girl has shown some ability to rise at times. This time last season it delivered a 2.6 or something like that after doing mostly low 2s. I think that plus SB exposition New Girl can probably crack 3.
    These will be my predictions:
    New Girl: 3.2
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 2.6

  • Pablo Troncoso

    It could go like The Voice two years ago and go on a high note (after The Super Bowl it premiered to a non-Super Bowl high of 6.7 and stayed on the 6s for many weeks). We won’t know for sure until we see tomorrow’s rating

  • sixseasonsandamovie

    The episode before vs the episode after the Super Bowl from some shows (I excluded season/series premieres like Undercover Boss or The Voice):

    Elementary: 2.2/2.2 (flat)
    Glee: 4.4/4.6 (normal rising)
    The Office: 4.6/4.3 (dropped)
    House: 8.7/9.0 (season high for a time period episode, then the writer’s strike happened)
    Criminal Minds: 3.3/4.7 (but it had reached above 5.0 three times before during that season and dropped to a 3.9 on the second episode next to the SB)
    Grey’s : 8.3/11.3 (the exception, but the show had been getting hot during the entire second season, the super bowl was only an extra help on a rising that started earlier in the season, ending with the show outrating Desperate Housewives)

  • Pablo Troncoso

    So aside from Elementary and The Office, the shows usually see at least a little bump

  • MatheusMnhz

    Wow, I didn’t know that back then the ratings where so huge. Yeah, I know it was 10 years ago and Friends was huge, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’ve only started following the ratings for 3 years, and the highest I’ve seen was for a comedy was the premiere of Ashton Kutcher in Two and a Half Men, that got 10.3.
    It just shows how broadcast ratings have fallen.

  • Dan S

    I think B9-9 will at least crack 2.0 tonight & get a series high not counting the post SB show. NG as well should do a bit better than its average this season.

  • ToXiX

    I don’t think the Super Bowl is going to help much. I’ll say 2.1 for B99 and a 2.3 for NG

  • sixseasonsandamovie

    In fact, B99 series high (excluding post SB) is the 2.6 rating earned on the series premiere.

  • J S

    If there is indeed any bump, it will be miniscule and temporary for both of these wretched shows.

  • Matt M.

    New Girl with a 2.4 and Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a 2.1. SOMEWHAT of a bump.

    Tonight’s Predictions…

    SHIELD: 2.3 / 6.8 mil. viewers
    Goldbergs: 1.8 / 5.4 mil. viewers
    Trophy Wife: 1.2 / 3.8 mil. viewers
    Killer Women: 0.7 / 3.1 mil. viewers

    THE CW
    Originals: 1.1 / 2.5 mil. viewers
    Supernatural: 1.0 / 2.4 mil. viewers

    Dads: 1.6 / 3.8 mil. viewers
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 2.1 / 4.9 mil. viewers
    New Girl: 2.4 / 5.4 mil. viewers
    Mindy: 1.7 / 3.6 mil. viewers

    NCIS: 2.8 / 18.8 mil. viewers
    NCIS LA: 2.5 / 14.9 mil. viewers
    Person Of Interest: 2.1 / 12.0 mil. viewers

    Biggest Loser LIVE: 1.9 / 6.2 mil. viewers

  • Eduardo

    There’s no Mindy tonight and B99 airs a repeat after Dads and an original after New Girl.

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