'The Michael J. Fox Show' Canceled by NBC, 'Hollywood Game' Night' To Air Thursdays at 9PM After the Olympics

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February 5th, 2014


NBC has canceled The Michael J. Fox Show after 15 episodes. Hollywood Game Night will air Thursday at 9PM beginning February 27, Vulture reports. The game show will replace the low rated Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show, which have been pulled from NBC's schedule. Sean Saves the World had already been canceled, while NBC committed to 22 episodes of The Michael J. Fox Show before the season began. NBC has not announced when or if the unaired episodes of Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox show will air.

  • Aryam Manzueta Avila

    So shocking tho..

  • Jeremiah

    Sad, but not unexpected in the least. I enjoyed the show and will catch the burn off episodes.

  • FJoachim

    Wasn’t any good.

  • Peter J4

    I’m a little surprised they didn’t wait until the end of the season – I thought maybe they were obligated to or something based on the way they’d held out this long. I guess not.

  • Dante

    NBC is legally upheld to air all 22 episodes

  • $25973757

    HOPEFULLY this means a higher chance of Community getting another season! (yes, i know, fan excuse bingo and all that. dont go after me, bear!)

  • Chris J

    Good decision NBC!

    Hollywood Game Night will do just fine Thursday at 9pm, and hopefully it’ll give a much needed boost to Parenthood.

  • Tommy M.

    I’m surprised that Hollywood Game night is replacing the comedies. With so many comedies on the bench I’m guessing NBC has given up on the timeslot.

  • Chris J

    I’m sure the MJFS was already “defacto cancelled” so this probably doesn’t change Community’s chances.

  • Chris J

    They only have Undateables on the bench, which they are probably saving to replace Community when it’s episode order is done.

  • tjw

    I’m not sure that’s the case. They have to pay for 22 episodes to be produced, but they may not have to air them. And even if they do, they might be able to stick them on Hulu like ABC did with Don’t Trust the B

  • Dan S

    No shock here but I’m a bit surprised they didn’t schedule Crossbones. I’m guessing the show isn’t ready to go yet. HGN is spackle until they have a more permanent solution.

  • Dante

    Nope, they have to air them, that was apart of the contract made in 2012 for 22 episodes. NBC had too much faith in it. They will probably air them on Saturdays or in the summer months…

  • Tommy M.

    If they must air them they will burn them off on Saturdays at some point this season.

  • Garebelman

    When was the last time NBC didn’t have 2 hours of comedies on this night?

  • Dante

    um, last week as these “comedies” aren’t really funny~ they are classified as “Dramadies”

  • Tommy M.

    I forgot they scheduled the other two for Tuesday nights.

  • Ultima

    Excluding summers and winter 2008 (writer’s strike), the last time they only had one hour of sitcoms on Thursday was fall 2006 when the lineup was My Name is Earl, The Office, Deal or No Deal and ER.

    Prior to that, from winter 2004 through fall 2005, The Apprentice aired in the Thursday 9pm timeslot.

  • Walter Hugo

    And once again, NBC killed all their fall comedies

  • RJC

    Logical moves by NBC. HGN is probably capable of low-to-mid-1.0s in that slot, which is at least a half a ratings point better than SSTW and MJFS. There are still seven episodes left of MJFS; I could see them doubling up on episodes on Saturday nights to burn it off if there is indeed a penalty they have to pay if they don’t air all 22 episodes (and maybe pair the odd one with the sole unaired SSTW episode).

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