Predict the Ratings for the First Night of the Olympics (Poll)

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February 6th, 2014

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The Olympics begin tonight. Due to a scheduling quirk, night one of the competitions is happening before tomorrow night's opening ceremony. The events featured include the first ever team figure skating competition (which features skaters performing the same programs that they will in the individual competitions for a combined team score, not, to my disappointment, a giant group performance), the debut of slopestyle snowboarding (minus Shaun White who pulled out of the event because he felt the course was too dangerous), free style skiing and women's moguls.

The Olympics are competing head-to-head with original programming, including The Big Bang Theory and American Idol. The first night of competition for the London games averaged a 8.2 adults 18-49 rating. But it aired on a Saturday against repeats and featured the extremely popular swimming events. The first night of competition of the 2010 winter games, which also aired on a Saturday, garnered a 7.9 adults 18-49 rating. So how will the Olympics do tonight? Make your prediction!



  • Carrie

    Voted 7.5-7.7 just feel like the excitement is not quite there and the weird scheduling will result in some missing the first night in error.

  • denverdean

    Vancouver had an advantage because its in NA, so several events in primetime were live; this won’t be the case with Sochi. Cold weather through much of nation won’t hurt, but streaming and people seeking live coverage on the sister networks will make a difference.

    Oh, and NBC has gone on record talking about how they are going to boost the amount of time spent “personal” side of Olympians. Yawn. Just show the sports.

  • 21149315

    Given the controversy, I hope the ratings for the Olympics are low. It would due good for struggling shows.

  • It depends on what fails

    Lower than 6.3 for sure, TBBT and Idol are on and it is the last night full of original programming until february 24th.

    The following nights may be higher.

  • Fred

    I agree with you !00%

  • CrimTV

    Just nervous for the ratings of regular shows. What are people more likely to DVR: a couple of 30/60 minute scripted shows or a mega long Winter Olympics telecast? Ratings will unfortunately drop for the nets tomorrow.

  • CBSviewer

    The real question is: How regular Shows will rate against the Olympics ?
    Except The Big Bang Theory and American Idol, the Shows have average ratings so I doubt they will do well tonight.


    A giant group figure skating performance with guys and girls doing jumps all over the place would be AMAZING.

  • It depends on what fails

    Predctions for tonight considering a scenario where winter olympics cause a drop on every regular programming:

    Winter Olympics – 5.7

    TBBT – 4.8
    The Millers – 2.4
    TCO – 1.7
    2.5 Men – 1.8
    Elementary – 1.6

    American Idol – 3.0
    Rake – 1.1

    The Taste – 0.8

    TVD – 1.0
    Reign – 0.5


    But yeah, I think the numbers won’t be that high because most people probably think the Olympics don’t start until tomorrow with the opening ceremonies.

  • agsb

    I think Olympic coverage will finished #2 to BBT and it will be #1 for the rest of the night

  • John Dorian

    Rooting for Idol to fall just below your prediction. So people will start shouting again about omg new lows.

  • Brandy Danforth

    Personally I’m DVr the Olmpics just soo can ff through commercials,commentary and get right to the only event I want to see: men & women’s figure skating.Ill be watching my regular shows live.Im nervous my shows ratings though,known ing Olympics will be high rated.

  • Brian Webster

    Personally I’d rather DVR the Winter Olympics as there is a lot more on there I’d potentially want to FF through then just the commercials. And even if it is just the commercials since it’s so much longer there are obviously a lot more commercials to FF through so you are saving a lot more time then a half hour show where you only save like 8mins or an hour show where you save like 15mins. Tonight’s Olympic telecast is listed at 3hrs which typically means there should be about 45mins of commercials. That’s a huge difference in saved time and that’s not even factoring in additional stuff aired that you might not be too into watching which could easily take you up over an hour+ in time saved DVRing it. So you could conceivably watch TBBT live till 8:30pm then start AI on tape delay and finish around 9:15pm then start watching the Winter Olympics on tape delay and be done by 11:30pm at the latest or possibly even finish up live depending on how much stuff is on that telecast that you’re not interested in watching. Though I myself literally DVR everything and never watch anything live anymore. The closest I come is starting to watch something while it’s still on but late enough so that I can at least FF through all the commercials.

  • 69RoadRunner

    I usually burn opeing and closing ceremonies to DVD, but then I usually just sparingly watch the actual competition events here and there as they are aired.

  • Gerry H

    i hope that they’re low because, well, F sochi. but i think it would fare better starting on a friday v a thursday… nevermind, its on nbc on a thursday. LOL though i do think some other programming being new will bring the numbers down a bit.

  • Ashley

    With this day and age, it all depends on who was streaming the events live this morning/afternoon while at work. There are many lurking variables with these Olympics compared to the past ones. I’m thinking the 7.5-7.7 range myself just because it IS the Olympics; but Opening Ceremonies will indeed be higher. Go Team USA =]

  • Synu Sorin

    So many people are going to watch even if there are not live events ? All the competions finish beetwen 12 and 1 ET , and the broadcast it`s at 7 ET …

  • 69RoadRunner

    Low tonight. Big tomorrow.

  • The Mysteries of Bob

    ” its on nbc on a thursday”

    NFL Thanksgiving Game and The Sound of Music were also on NBC on a thursday. It is their comedy block that is low rated, not special programming.

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