Live +7 Ratings: ABC Claims the Most Top 10 Playback Gainers for the Second Straight Week

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Grey's Anatomy April 17

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Live + 7 Day Ratings for the week of 4/7/14 (Week #29):

Please note: most of ABC’s Wednesday line-up (including Modern Family and Nashville) was in repeats.


ABC claimed the most Top 10 playback gainers of any network for the 2nd week in a row among Adults 18-49 – more than CBS (3), Fox (1) and NBC (0) combined. ABC had 6 of the week’s 10 biggest TV playback gainers among young adults, including the Top 3 drama gainers: Grey’s Anatomy (+1.9 rating points) – #2, Scandal (+1.8 rating points) – #3, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (+1.5 rating points) – #4, with Revenge (+1.2 rating points), Once Upon a Time (+1.2 rating points) and Resurrection (+1.2 rating points) tied at #6.


Revenge catapulted 92% over its L+SD Adult 18-49 rating and scored its largest-ever percentage build. In fact, with a 2.5 Adult 18-49 rating in the final L+7 numbers, Revenge grew over its prior week telecast (+4%) to tie a 4-week high – since 3/16/14. In the Live + Same Day ratings, Revenge held even week to week. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also earned its biggest playback increase yet, building 79% over its L+SD Adult 18-49 rating.


Scandal posted its largest playback lift ever, spiking +1.8 rating points this week over its L+SD Adult 18-49 number. In fact, growing to a 4.8 Adult 18-49 rating in the final L+7 numbers, Scandal shot up to its highest young adult rating since its mid-season return in February – since 2/27/14. In the L+SD ratings, Scandal was up 1-tenth of a rating point over the prior week with Adults 18-49. Additionally, the red-hot ABC drama posted its biggest-ever Total Viewer increase, growing by +4.2 million viewers over its L+SD tally.


In the final Live + 7 Day ratings, ABC’s Scandal (4.8 rating) and Grey Anatomy (4.5 rating) emerged as the Top 2 dramas of the week with Adults 18-49, finishing among the week’s Top 3 TV programs overall (beating both editions of NBC’s The Voice). S.H.I.E.L.D. (3.4) – #8, Resurrection (3.3) – #9 and Once Upon a Time (3.2) – #10 all shot up to the week’s Top 10 highest-rated broadcast shows in Adults 18-49, after ranking #18, #13 and #16, respectively, in the initial Live + Same Day numbers. In addition, for the 3rd straight week, Resurrection and Once Upon a Time finished as Sunday’s #1 and #2 broadcast shows in Adults 18-49, respectively.


Season-to-Date TV Playback (9/23/13-4/13/14):


Based on TV playback data for the 2013-14 season, ABC claims 5 of the Top 10 playback gainers among Adults 18-49 on the broadcast networks (the most of any net): Modern Family (+2.0 rating points) – #2, Grey’s Anatomy (+1.9 rating points) – #4, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (+1.6 rating points) and Scandal (+1.6 rating points) tie at #5 and Resurrection (+1.3 rating points) – #10. ABC owns 4 of the 10 biggest overall gainers on the broadcast networks (tied with CBS): Modern Family (+4.44 million) – #5, Castle (+4.40 million) – #6, Grey’s (+3.96 million) – #7 and Scandal (+3.93 million) – #8.


Nearly all of ABC’s returning series are seeing bigger percentage gains among Adults 18-49 from L+SD to L+7 this year than last: The Bachelor (+24% vs. +22%), Castle (+60% vs. +50%), Dancing with the Stars (+19% vs. +17%), Grey’s Anatomy (+70% vs. +55%), Last Man Standing (+46% vs. +33%), Modern Family (+56% vs. +53%), Nashville (+80% vs. +58%), The Neighbors (+33% vs. +17%), Once Upon a Time (+55% vs. +43%), Revenge (+63% vs. +48%), Scandal (+53% vs. +42%), Shark Tank (+30% vs. +21%) and Suburgatory (+25% vs. +23%).


  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is Tuesday’s #1 scripted show this season with Adults 18-49 based on original telecasts, beating CBS’ NCIS (4.1 rating vs. 4.0 rating). Based on first-run telecasts in the L+7 Adult 18-49 ratings, ABC claims the season’s #1 scripted show on Tuesday (S.H.I.E.L.D. – 4.1), #1 show on Wednesday (Modern Family – 5.6), #1 dramas on Thursday (Grey’s and Scandal tied – 4.6), #1 show on Friday (Shark Tank – 2.6) and #1 broadcast series on Sunday (Resurrection – 4.0).


  • Modern Family is the season’s #2 scripted series among Adults 18-49 on the broadcast networks (5.6 rating).


Source: The Nielsen Company, as dated. Network averages based on all programming. Program rankers based on regular, original telecasts only.

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