CNN Hits 14-Year Adults 25-54 Low Friday at 10PM

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On Friday, May 30th, there were only 42,000  viewers among adults 25-54 for CNN’s Spotlight at 10PM and Unguarded with Rachel Nichols hit an all-time low at 10:30 PM, drawing only 29,000 viewers among adults 25-54. The average during CNN’s 10PM timeslot hour marked a 14 year low in adults 25-54 for CNN going all the way back to May 9th, 2000.  See below for more. 

Friday, May 31st


FNC’s Hannity: 1,128,000 in P2+ (210,000 in A25-54)

CNN’s 10PM Hour: 182,000 in P2+ (35,000 in A25-54)

MSNBC’s Investigates: 271,000 in P2+ (129,000 in A25-54)

HLN’s Forensic Files: 338,000 in P2+ (143,000 in A25-54)

CNBC’s Ultimate Factories: 181,000 in P2+ (97,000 in A25-54)


CNN 10PM Breakdown:

CNN’s Spotlight: 262,000 in P2+ (42,000 in A25-54)  **10:00-10:30/ET

CNN’s Unguarded: 101,000 in P2+ (29,000 in A25-54) **10:30-11PM/ET


Primetime 8-11PM/ET

FOX News Channel: 1,710,000 total viewers (262,000 in A25-54)

CNN: 284,000 total viewers (66,000 in A25-54)

MSNBC: 362,000 total viewers (104,000 in A25-54)

HLN: 253,00 total viewers (107,000 in A25-54)

CNBC: 165,000 total viewers (70,000 in A25-54)