FOX 30-Day Multiplatform Report for the Week of April 28: ‘The Following’ Finale Total Audience Hits 10.0 Million

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The Following Season 2 Finale

via press notes:


  • The season finale of THE FOLLOWING posted a 30-Day Multi-Platform Total Audience of 10.0 Million.
  • With the LEGO-themed episode, THE SIMPSONS saw its largest 30 Day Multi-Platform Total Audience (7.7 Mil) since 1/12/14 and was up +31% in 30 Day Multi-Platform Total Audience versus the prior week (vs. 5.9 Mil).
  • The 4/29 episodes of NEW GIRL and THE MINDY project saw massive gains from 30-day multi-platform viewing – NEW GIRL rose +120% from its Live  Same Day delivery, while THE MINDY PROJECT saw an +80% lift.
    • In fact, NEW GIRL’s lift from VOD and streaming was the same as its L7 lift (1.6 million each), while THE MINDY PROJECT saw a significantly higher gain from 30-day VOD/streaming (1.2 mil) than L7  DVR viewing (0.9 mil).

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