‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘The Following’ & ‘New Girl’ Are FOX’s Top Live + 7 Gainers This Season

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via press note:

  • In addition to being the #2 new drama of the season, SLEEPY HOLLOW was one of the Top 10 entertainment programs overall.
  • SLEEPY HOLLOW also showed the fourth largest ratings point gain from post-same day viewing (+1.8) in the first week, behind only Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and The Blacklist.
  • With an average L7 lift of +1.3 ratings points (+76%) and a final average rating of 3.0/8, THE FOLLOWING was one of this season’s Top 10 biggest gainers in L7.
  • NEW GIRL was a Top 10 Comedy this season and showed a whopping +71% lift from 7-day viewing.
  • Even though live unscripted shows see much smaller lifts from time-shifting than scripted programs do, AMERICAN IDOL still ended up being one of the Top 20 broadcast entertainment shows in its 13th season.


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