Fox News Ranks Number Two for the Week in Cable Primetime Viewers

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For the week of June 2, 2014, FOX News was the number two network in all of cable primetime coming in behind only the History Channel and ranking ahead of USA and TBS according to Nielsen Media Research.  Boosted by primary election coverage as well as reports on the Sergeant Bowe Bergdhal release, FNC claimed the number two spot for the first time since the week of March 10.


The network had two of the top twenty-five cable programs, with Thursday’s episode of The Kelly Files ranking seventeenth with 2.980 million viewers and Wednesday’s edition of The Bill O’Reilly Show ranking twenty-fifth with 2.746 million viewers.


The other cable news networks lagged behind, with MSNBC ranking twenty-ninth and CNN ranking thirty-eighth among primetime viewers.


Cable News Rankings week of 6/2/14

FNC ranked #2 in primetime and #6 in total day

CNN ranked #38 in primetime and #36 in total day

MSNBC ranked #29 in primetime and #33 in total day

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