Same-day vs. DVR rankings: Bubble shows are still bubble shows, hits are still hits


With the broadcast network upfronts just a few weeks away, a lot of talk about just what a show’s ratings — be they same-day, Live +3, Live +7 or Live + forever — mean and just whether a delayed audience is that big a help to a show on the bubble.

Gathering more audience is never a bad thing, but delayed viewing, at least relative to a show’s standing on its network, doesn’t really change a whole lot. As you’ll see in the charts below, the conventional wisdom that high-rated shows stay high with DVR viewing, and low-rated shows stay low, is pretty much true.

TV by the Numbers looked at the adults 18-49 ratings for all broadcast scripted series from the 2015-16 season (excluding those that have already been canceled) and compared their same-day, Live +3 and Live +7 rankings. On all five networks, the No. 1 show in same-day is also No. 1 in Live +3 and Live +7. On four of the five, the lowest-rated show in same-day remains at the bottom even with delayed viewing.

Of the 90 shows measured, only 10 moved up or down more than three spots from same-day to Live +3. There’s even less change from Live +3 to Live +7 (no surprise, since a majority of DVR viewing happens in the first three days after air): Only one show moves more than two places.

Click the links below for each network’s rankings.

ABC | CBS | The CW | FOX | NBC

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