Fall TV 2016: The biggest (or dumbest) scheduling moves networks could make


With just a few days until the broadcast networks reveal their 2016-17 lineups, possible schedules are being bandied about in executive conference rooms and all over the Internet (more on that last bit momentarily).

So, what are the biggest, boldest, most quixotic, fix-what’s-not-broken scheduling moves one of the broadcast networks could make for next season? Think breaking up TGIT or moving “Empire” to another night or bumping “The Big Bang Theory” to a different timeslot — that sort of thing.

Weigh in on the craziest of crazy scenarios in the poll below, and share your thoughts on the likelihood of any of them happening in the comments (for the record, TV by the Numbers doesn’t really think any of them will; it’s just an exercise in trying to make the brashest possible move.)

And, speaking of fantasy schedules, the general ban on them in the comments is hereby lifted until next week. Once the real schedules arrive, it comes back down, but until then go nuts.


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