‘Family Guy’ was renewed and hardly anyone noticed


The future of “Family Guy” at FOX may never have really been in doubt, but the network never formally announced its return for 2016-17.

Or rather, it did, but it was buried in an announcement about another project from “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane. But for the record, “Family Guy” is indeed returning for 2016-17.

On May 4, the network announced that MacFarlane would create and star in his first live-action series for FOX, a sci-fi show that blends comedy and drama. It’s being developed for the 2017-18 season. Five paragraphs into the press release, these sentences appear (emphasis added):

“Seth MacFarlane is familiar to FOX audiences as the creator, executive producer and voice actor on the long-running and Emmy Award-winning animated comedy series ‘Family Guy,’ currently in its 13th season. The series has been renewed through the 2016-2017 television season.”

A search for “Family Guy renewed” turns up very little in the way of concrete reports on the renewal (this site was among the few that noticed), which suggests that a lot of people whose job it is to cover TV (including this one) didn’t read down into the boilerplate on the release. Whoops.

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