NBC 2015-16 failure factor: A few successes but more flatlines


NBC had a couple of the better success stories of the 2015-16 season. “Chicago Med” moved up to fall and seamlessly extended a key franchise, and “Superstore” came from seemingly nowhere — to judge by NBC’s lack of hype over the show — to become the No. 2 freshman comedy.

It also canceled more new series than any of its broadcast counterparts. They ran the gamut from a well-reviewed comedy that didn’t catch to a couple of ho-hum late-season dramas to the lowest-rated Big 4 series of the season. Here’s how the network’s 12 new shows in 2015-16 break down.

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Renewed: 4

“Chicago Med” (1.71 same-day rating in adults 18-49) and “Superstore” (1.55) ended their seasons well above NBC’s scripted average of 1.16. So did “Blindspot,” the network’s top-rated scripted show at 1.83 same-day. It faded in the second half of the season, however, never getting above 1.4 for its final eight episodes, and will have to prove itself without “The Voice” as a lead-in next season.

The final renewal, “Shades of Blue,” averaged a 1.17 but doggedly stayed above the 1.0 line for its full run. It features a big star in Jennifer Lopez and some critical acclaim, so as a shorter-run show a repeat of those numbers next season could keep it going.

Canceled: 8

None of the one-and-done crowd really qualifies as a surprise. “Telenovela” couldn’t retain “Superstore’s” audience despite star Eva Longoria and mostly positive reviews. “Truth Be Told,” the aforementioned lowest-rated show of the season, was a disaster from the jump. “Crowded” had smaller ratings and none of the critical cachet of its Sunday companion “The Carmichael Show.”

“Heroes Reborn” performed much more like the last season of “Heroes” than it did the first season of “Heroes.” “The Player,” “You, Me and the Apocalypse,” “Game of Silence” and “Heartbeat” never really got going, with three of those cycling through a tire fire of a Thursday lineup. It’s amazing “The Blacklist” managed to stay afloat with all that debris around it.

Failure rate: 66.7 percent.

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