TV’s hidden numbers for 2015-16: What lies between ‘Empire’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’


You know that “Empire” is the No. 1 show on broadcast TV in adults 18-49 without “Football” in the title. You know that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was renewed despite having the smallest on-air ratings of any network show.

You may not know that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is considerably closer to the average rating for a prime-time show on the broadcast networks than “Empire” is. Or that “Angel from Hell” is No. 1 in a dubious category, or what the significance of the number 1.3 is.

Read on for some of the hidden numbers of the recently completed season. Unless noted, all ratings referred to below are live + same-day and for original episodes only.

Regular prime-time series (including regular sports telecasts and their pre- and post-game shows) that aired on ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX and NBC during the season.

Series that won’t be returning to any of those networks in 2016-17, including “The X-Files.” (“America’s Next Top Model” and “Nashville” will be revived on cable.)

4.4, 0.3
Adults 18-49 ratings for the highest- (“Empire”) and lowest-rated (“America’s Next Top Model,” “Reign” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) non-sports shows on broadcast.

The average same-day adults rating for all non-sports shows on those five networks. (Five shows averaged a 1.3 for the season, incidentally: “Fresh Off the Boat,” “The Muppets,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Code Black” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.”)

The average same-day viewership for all non-sports shows on the five nets.

1.4, 5,663,000
Average same-day rating and viewership if sports programs are included.

1.7, 6,668,000
Average Live +3 ratings and viewership for all non-sports shows, increases of 31 and 22 percent vs. live + same-day.

Scripted shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC with sub-1.0 18-49 ratings (rounded to two places) renewed in 2015-16: “Sleepy Hollow” (0.82), “Grimm” (0.9), “American Crime” (0.93), “The Carmichael Show” (0.96), “Elementary” (0.96), “The Catch” 0.99.

Big 4 scripted shows with sub-1 ratings renewed in 2014-15.

2, 7, 14
Where the Top 3 cable shows of the season — “The Walking Dead” (6.5) “Game of Thrones” (3.8) for episodes aired within the broadcast season) and “Fear the Walking Dead” (2.2) would rank among all series in adults 18-49.

Other cable shows that would make the Top 40 in live + same-day.

Size of the largest gap between a network’s highest- and lowest-rated series. NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” averaged 7.5 in adults 18-49; “Truth Be Told” and “Dateline: On Assignment” averaged 0.6.

Size of the smallest such gap, between “The Flash” (1.4) and the previously mentioned trio of 0.3s on The CW.

Same-day 18-49 rating for the lowest-rated scripted series renewed on a Big 4 network (“Sleepy Hollow”).

Same-day 18-49 rating for the highest-rated scripted series canceled on a Big 4 network (“Angel from Hell”).

Episode count for “The Simpsons” at the end of the season.

Episodes for the shortest-lived show of the season, “Of Kings and Prophets.”

The number of “they should have seen that coming” jokes made when “Of Kings and Prophets” was canceled.



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