Predict the ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 premiere ratings: Can buzz bring in more viewers?


It’s not a stretch to say that the talk about “Mr. Robot” last year outpaced its actual on-air audience.

The USA series, which was up to its twitchy eyeballs in (deserved) acclaim, wasn’t exactly a big hit. Its same-day ratings in adults 18-49 stayed right around the 0.5 mark all season, with Live +7 viewing taking it to a 1.1. (VOD and streaming added to the total as well, but as ever, those numbers are fuzzy.)

Will all that chatter about “Mr. Robot” translate into more eyeballs? Vote in the poll below on how you think the show’s same-day ratings will look for the premiere (which was also released online, but only for a few hours, on Monday).


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