RNC night 3 ratings improve, Fox News and NBC stay on top


The most talked-about thing at the Republican National Convention Wednesday — Sen. Ted Cruz getting booed as he refused to endorse nominee Donald Trump — happened just before the broadcast networks and cable news channels went into full-coverage mode.

Still, ratings for the coverage were up vs. Tuesday just about across the board and came in ahead of the total for the comparable night in 2012.

Fox News once again led in viewers with 7.34 million and tied with NBC for first in the key news demo of adults 25-54 (both channels averaged 1.5). All but ABC (which was even) had higher viewer counts than Tuesday, and everyone but CBS (0.6, -0.1) improved their 25-54 ratings as well.

Ratings were also up compared to the penultimate night of the 2012 Republican convention. The combined viewership of 22.81 million is a 14-percent bump from 20.05 million four years ago. CNN has had the biggest gains vs. 2012 so far, more than doubling its 2012 viewership.

Below are the numbers from Wednesday’s 10 p.m. ET coverage and the three-day average for the convention thus far. (Broadcast network averages are for 10-11:17 p.m.; cable measurements are for 10-11 p.m.)


Network Viewers (millions) Adults 25-54 rating Adults 18-49 rating
Fox News 7.34 1.5 1.1
NBC 5.07 1.5 1.1
CNN 3.50 0.9 0.7
CBS 2.59 0.6 0.5
ABC 2.33 0.7 0.5
MSNBC 1.98 0.5 0.3


Convention average

Network Viewers (millions) Adults 25-54 rating Adults 18-49 rating
Fox News 6.32 1.3 0.9
NBC 4.55 1.4 1.1
CNN 3.50 1.0 0.7
ABC 2.77 0.8 0.6
CBS 2.61 0.7 0.5
MSNBC 1.84 0.4 0.3

Source: The Nielsen Company.

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