DNC night 4 ratings: 30 million watch Clinton, down from final night of RNC


Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was not quite as big a draw as that of Donald Trump at last week’s Republican convention.

Coverage of Clinton’s address on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC averaged 27.83 million viewers Thursday night. That trails the 30.22 million who watched Republican nominee Donald Trump’s speech on the final night of his party’s convention. It’s on par, however, with the 27.6 million for the final night of the 2012 DNC on those six channels.

Trump’s speech last week drew 32.2 million people when Fox Business, CNBC, Univision and NBC Universo were added to the total, and 34.9 million with PBS included as well. Clinton gets closer with those added in, totaling 30 million without PBS and 33.9 million viewers with it.

The DNC as a whole was a bigger TV draw than the RNC. Over four nights on broadcast and the three biggest cable news channels the Democratic convention averaged 25.51 million viewers vs. 23.74 million for the Republican convention.

Here are the viewer averages and adults 25-54 and 18-49 ratings for Thursday’s 10-11:40 p.m. ET convention coverage and the four-day average for the convention.


Network Viewers (millions) Adults 25-54 rating Adults 18-49 rating
CNN 7.51 2.4 2.0
MSNBC 5.27 1.3 1.0
NBC 4.52 1.4 1.1
ABC 3.85 1.2 0.9
CBS 3.65 1.1 0.8
Fox News 3.03 0.7 0.5


Convention average

Network Viewers (millions) Adults 25-54 rating Adults 18-49 rating
CNN 6.48 2.0 1.6
NBC 4.57 1.5 1.1
MSNBC 4.67 1.2 0.9
ABC 3.74 1.1 0.8
CBS 3.17 0.9 0.6
Fox News 2.90 0.6 0.5

Source: The Nielsen Company.

Note: An earlier version of this post misstated the total number of viewers for the final night of the RNC, including PBS. It is 34.9 million.

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