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    The 17 kinds of shows on network TV

    Cop shows and family comedies have existed practically since the beginning of commercial television. So it comes as no surprise that in the 2016-17 season, there will be loads of both across the broadcast networks. But a kind of show that basically didn’t exist on network TV in the late 20th century, and another one that as recently as five years ago was all but gone, will take up a sizable chunk of TV real estate this season. And a […]

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    The 17 kinds of shows on network TV: Where every show fits

    Here is the list of where every series on ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX and NBC fall into the 17 kinds of network shows. Crime dramas Total in 2015-16: 21 – “Blue Bloods,” “Bones,” “Castle,” “Chicago PD,” “Criminal Minds,” “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” “CSI: Cyber,” “Elementary,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Houdini & Doyle,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “Limitless,” “The Mysteries of Laura,” “NCIS,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “Person of Interest,” “Rosewood,” “Rush Hour,” “Scorpion,” “Shades of Blue.” Average same-day rating in […]

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    Final CW same-day vs. DVR rankings for 2015-16

    Here are the same-day, Live +3 and Live +7 adults 18-49 ratings for every show that aired on The CW in 2015-16. Same-day ratings are for all new episodes aired in-season (Sept. 21, 2015-May 25, 2016), including those coded as specials. DVR ratings include only regularly scheduled episodes not coded as specials. Summer shows that aired one or two episodes in season aren’t included. Top-rated show: “The Flash.” Same-day, 1.4; Live +3, 2.0; Live +7, 2.2. No CW show rose or fell […]

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    Final Live +7 viewer averages for 2015-16: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ moves ahead of ‘NCIS,’ NFL stays No. 1

    The NFL remains in the top spot in the final Live +7 viewer rankings for the 2015-16 TV season, but its lead is a little smaller than in the same-day and Live +3 tallies. “Sunday Night Football” on NBC averaged 21.39 million viewers with a week of delayed viewing, a scant 91,000 more than its same-day average. “The Big Bang Theory” (20.59 million) finished second, moving ahead of “NCIS” (20.54 million), which was the top non-sports show in the same-day […]

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    Final Live +7 adults 18-49 ratings for 2015-16: ‘Empire,’ ‘Sunday Night Football’ stay in front

    The final Live +7 ratings for the 2015-16 TV season tell much the same story that the  and Live +3 charts did. NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” remains No. 1 with a 7.5 rating among adults 18-49, the same as it had in the previous rankings. Live sports programming tends to receive, at best, a negligible boost from delayed viewing. “Empire” (6.6) remains the No. 1 entertainment show and closes the gap with “SNF” from 1.3 points in Live +3 to […]

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    TV’s hidden numbers for 2015-16: What lies between ‘Empire’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

    You know that “Empire” is the No. 1 show on broadcast TV in adults 18-49 without “Football” in the title. You know that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was renewed despite having the smallest on-air ratings of any network show. You may not know that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is considerably closer to the average rating for a prime-time show on the broadcast networks than “Empire” is. Or that “Angel from Hell” is No. 1 in a dubious category, or what the significance of the […]

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    TV shows canceled or ending in 2015-16

    A list of TV shows canceled during the 2015-16 season. Check back for updates

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    Final Live +3 adults 18-49 ratings for 2015-16: ‘Empire’ and ‘Sunday Night Football’ rule

    The final Live +3 ratings for 2015-16 are now locked in, and the top of the chart looks pretty similar the same-day rankings. NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” remains the No. 1 show with a 7.5 rating in adults 18-49. FOX’s “Empire” (6.2) moves ahead of “Thursday Night Football” (5.7) on CBS for the No. 2 spot. “The Big Bang Theory” (5.4) and “The X-Files” (4.3) also move up a little. See also: Final Live +3 viewer averages for 2015-16 The chart […]

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    Final Live +3 viewer averages for 2015-16: NFL, ‘NCIS’ remain on top

    The final The final Live +3 ratings for 2015-16 are now locked in, and the viewer chart features the same shows at the top as those in the same-day rankings, just in a slightly different order. “Sunday Night Football” remains No. 1 with 21.38 million viewers, a scant 81,000 more than its same-day number (which makes sense, since live sports telecasts don’t get DVR’d that much). “NCIS” (19.58 million) and “The Big Bang Theory” (19.49 million) moved ahead of “Thursday Night Football” […]

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    Final adults 18-49 same-day ratings for 2015-16: NFL and ‘Empire’ on top

    The 2015-16 TV season is (mostly) in the books — DVR data will straggle in over the next couple weeks, but the same-day numbers are finalized and below. For the fifth straight year, NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” was the No. 1 show in adults 18-49, averaging a 7.5 rating for the official Nielsen-measured season. (Shows with an asterisk next to their name in the chart below include ratings for in-season airings only, not those before Sept. 21 or after May […]