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  • Denise White

    I loved the series, A gifted Man”, is it true they r canceling it? Wish it wd come back.

  • karen

    I never missed a show. Had to Video but worth. LOVE IT. Please Don’t cancel!!AR.

  • Lisa

    Absolutely love the series “A gifted man”. Where did it go?

  • leslie

    This is one show we are anxiously awaiting to air back… it would be a terrible disappointment to many of us if they cancel the show… Love the chemistry of all the characters in the show! Please bring back a new season!

  • Yvonne

    Love the show A Gifted Man!!!! Cery disheartening when shows we love are cancelled yet they keep the horrific violent stuff like Criminal Minds … even Manny Patinkin left that show bc of the violence… it is just too much… Keep shows like A Gifted Man… it is just nice to watch!!

  • Jim

    A “GIFTED MAN” is a show both my wife and I enjoy. Don’t get the Comedy’s on T.V. and some of the dramas are too violent. A nice enjoyable show to watch
    on a Friday night. A big BOO to CBS if it is cancelled.

  • M’Liss Hill

    I heard Gifted Man was going to cancel,,,,,,please NO

  • Jeanette

    A Gifted Man is a GREAT SHOW!!!! What is going on?? It’s well done, interesting, please do not cancel. We have enough reality and game shows, give us back a show that we can enjoy.

    Thank you, Jeanette

  • Sharon

    “A Gifted Man” is/was the best show on TV. This is truly a great show, so I plead for you to return it & make many more new episodes!

  • Roni

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep The Gifted Man on TV. It’s such a great show & one of the few on evening TV that’s worth watching. With all the reality & talent shows on; this is a great example of good writing & exceptional acting!

  • Lisa

    Please do not cancel this show.. I am so tired of reality television and finally CBS was back in the drama television category.

  • daryl kearney

    The gifted man is a decent show but i thnk it is going to be cancelled. Friday night is a bad night for any show. They had Goast Whisper,medium and the cop sow and they were all cancelled and they were decent shows. i guess they have to have a super show to make it work for fridays. The characters on the gifted man were great.The stories made sense, a rich doctor took over a poor clinic to help out and make sure poor people got the same care as the rich people and made sense but the powers to be would not accept the series because it was not good enough. All the characters were great, the nurse and the doctor in the clinic all helped keep the office in great shape. they will replace it with something half as good.

  • CRT


  • Anne

    Great show, tired of all the reality shows. Friday evenings you want to sit and watch a good movie/show and relax. Why would you want to cancel it!!!

  • Tillie

    Gifted Man is a great show! I don’t want it cancelled. Why don’t they listen to those of us who are faithful watchers. Too many shows that are violent or depressing and not enough good shows to watch. Please keep this one!!!!

  • Barbara

    Don’t cancel such a great show. Very interesting and enjoyable and so many people love the show. CBS don’t cancel and if CBS cancels the show some other network should be smart enough to pick it up. Again – please do not cancel “A Gifted Man”.

  • Grami’s

    The Gifted Man is one of the best series this past season. Please see that it is not cancelled. There are other shows that could be, but not The Gifted Man!

  • Joanna

    I keep hoping that A Gifted Man will be given another chance. Please re-consider. So many of us loved and could relate to the show (even the dead-wife visions.) PLEASE, PLEASE… give it another chance. Scratch the hum-drum summer repeats and give us what we want.

  • Pat

    The Gifted Man was one of the best shows on TV. It deserves another season.

  • Dee

    Please, Please DON’T cancell The Gifted Man. This is a show that my husband and I totally enjoy. We miss it!!!
    Please bring it back.

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