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  • pam

    THE GIFTED MAN is one of THE best programs on TV. The writing was more in depth as the series progressed. CBS is at fault for lower ratings. The show was rarely promoted plus kept changing times and nights. It was anyone’s guess when it was showing. PLEASE keep it on and give them a shot. It wouldn;t kill you to give ppl over 40 something to watch vs all the reality junk!

  • Sharmin Anderson

    I love The Gifted Man. It was a decent show to watch, and I would love my grandchildren to see it. You would rather keep all the sex, viloence, swearing, and anything that is horrible on. We like to have shows that are nice to watch. I am so tired of all the filth on TV. I turn the channel if it isn’t good. I also think about what God would want me to watch.

  • Patti Larsen


  • Patti Larsen

    Please dont tell me that THE GIFTED MAN is cancelled. I love this show. Not too many shows can really make it without cuss words and fighting,etc what a refreshing show to be able to enjoy a show that is good for the soul. Please keep the show on.

  • Marlene

    Loved A Gifted Man !!!!!!!!!!!!Please do not cancel

  • Nancy

    Why do all the show’s I love get cancelled. Don’t do it PLEASE!!

  • Maria

    A Gifted Man is a complete show. Has a little bit of everything. It is fun to watch and always touch your heart in different ways. Please don’t cancel it. Bring it back!!!!!!

  • David

    Everything’s been said already. A Gifted Man is an outstanding show with excellent scripts and a terrific cast that has great chemistry. There is wonderful variety in the stories. It’s important that shows like this get a reasonable chance, even if the audience is a bit smaller. CBS has several excellent shows with veterans like NCIS and other new ones like Person of Interest. A Gifted Man is in the same league and should be given a chance! CBS should be proud of it.

  • Janice Hoffman

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL. It’s one of our favorite new TV shows.

  • Andrea

    Love the show a gifted man!!! Please return for another season

  • Dolores

    Please do not cancel The Gifted Man. My family and friends love it, we miss it. Please, Please, give it another year.

  • Luis

    Okay, this is one of the few TV series worth watching! Empathy, respect, value human life, building human kind and human kindness….what is there not to like…..

  • Sue King

    Finally a Friday night lineup worth watching and you cancel one of the best shows (A Gifted Man) and moved Harry’s Law to Sunday.
    Why was A Gifted Man cancelled and why are there just 3 more Harry’s Law??


    Do not cancel this show, The Gifted Man is one of the few good shows on TV>

  • cynthia

    gifted man was a bright spot in television shows, I think the producers and networks are nuts because they cut shows which area really really good, and this was an excellent show- it should be allowed to continue even if they put it on a different night!! Let’s get some smarts –

  • Ginny

    Thia is a show me and my husband both enjoy watching together. Great Show PLEASE do not cancel…

  • Bridget

    Please do not cancel A Gifted Man! This show is the best show on TV on Friday nights. At the end of each episode you feel that there is hope, love and compassion. The writing and cast are wonderful. Watching this show on Friday night is a great way to end the work week, it leaves you energizer and hopeful.

  • Sam

    Finally a show with smarts and good acting. That’s probably enough to doom it!
    This show can build a following, if given a chance.
    And there are enough bad sitcoms and reality shows out there already.

  • Barbara

    Please keep A Gifted Man it is great. Get rid of the reality shows there are to many of them.

  • Tracy Spragins

    I love The Gifted Man! Please bring it back!

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