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  • Shari

    I always looked forward to friday nights and partly because of this show, please bring it back>

  • PH

    Why are my favorite shows cancelled when I am enjoying them all. Some don’t even have a decent ending before they end them. Please don’t cancel “the gifted man “

  • Janelle

    I hope the talk of “The Gifted Man” being cancelled is false. That is one of the best shows on TV and I looked forward to watching it every week.

  • Barbara Miranda

    Great show. Please don’t cancel it!

  • Marianne

    I’m from Holland.I can not understand why this series is stopped at season 1. It is such a wonderful series. I rejoiced every time a new episode. Do we have a nice time a realistic series about the normal things in life, they stop. Please make a new episode. Many people in Holland will be grateful.

  • Laurie

    Of all the Friday night shows, A Gifted Man provided quality entertainment and enjoyable characters. There must be other day and time slots it could be placed in to continue its run. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL A QUALITY SHOW!

  • Honest

    OMG My boyfriend and I loved to watch A Gifted Man. Please bring it back.

  • Darlene

    I see where you have cancelled a Gifted Man and as I promised I will no longer watch anything on CBS!!!!! You really made a giant mistake there. All that show needed was a decent night and it would have become one of your best shows ever. I am truly sorry you couldn’t see that.

  • Kathy Lomasney

    I also never missed a episode of gifted man, Please bring it back!!!!!!

  • Shirley

    Please do not cancel The Gifted Man. A great show that I looked forward to watching. Keep it going.

  • Mary

    Bring back A Gifted Man! The best show of the past year!

  • Nan

    BEST SHOW on T.V.!! Please don’t cancel. It is one of the few left that appeal to everyone with no violence, offensive language, etc!

  • Doug

    My wife & I tuned in every week, absolutely loved this show. It was so well written & the acting was superb. There are not a lot of shows we feel this strongly about. If I remember correctly, Dallas was not a blockbuster at first, need I say more?

  • Kathleen Bort

    The gifted man is a remarkable show! Dramatic, real, hopeful and such an experience. Please do NOT get rid of this show…It is something new, and different and GOOD! Instead get rid of those rediculous life competitions shows, or the fake real life love and money winners!!!!! We do NOT need to see any more competitions, rejections, and ridicule…there is enough of that in real life, give us something else to look to, better role models..

  • Linda

    I loved this show. Please do not cancel.

  • LE

    Wow – A Gifted Man was one of the few shows I really loved on CBS and now i find out they are canceling it. Why do they always cancel the good shows and keep the violence and drama?

  • Barb

    I can’t believe you would concider cancelling this show House is know gone this will take its place. Its a great show loved every episode. I think your making a big mistake. Change the night what ever you doing I’ll watch it

  • Dale Foster

    I have really enjoyed watching this show. The series themes have been so good and has made me more aware of different medical issues. The acting has been superb and got better each week.

  • Eina

    Please give this show a chance on another night. Never missed an episode. Please do not cancel

  • lorraine

    One of your best tv programs A Gifted Man. Why was such a good show cancelled? Did it have to do with the fact that it was scheduled on a Friday Evening and very little promotion happened before each program. Please reconsider your decision.

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