A proposal almost everyone believes is a slam dunk will add two games to the NFL regular season beginning with the 2012-13 season.   When that happens, if the NFL decides to start the regular season after Labor Day as it currently does, it could push the Super Bowl deeper into February.  That seems like a reasonable possibility.  But according to a report in Variety it could push so deep into February that it bumps into the Oscars.

Under such an arrangement, there’s a legitimate chance the Super Bowl — normally scheduled the first Sunday of February — could butt up against the Oscars. And the Oscars would be forced to shift.

Huh? This is a head-scratcher for me.   The last four years before this year (when they moved the Awards to March 7 to get out of the way of the Vancouver Olympics) the Academy Awards has been the fourth Sunday in February.  The change to the NFL schedule would potentially bump the Super Bowl from the first Sunday in February to the third Sunday in February.    Unless the “Oscars” were planning to start earlier, or the NFL plans call for it to add an extra week off somehow, I’m not sure where the conflict is.

The Oscars mostly aired on Mondays from 1976-1998.  Maybe the Academy wants to move back and are just looking for Variety to pin the move on the NFL?

Update: according to Paul in the comments, the tentative proposal  indeed adds an extra “bye” week, so the Super Bowl would clash with the Oscars,  but other comments suggest the extra bye week isn’t likely.

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