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  • TV critic

    they need to cancel this awful show

  • TV critic’s critic

    more like they need to cancel your mom

  • A Viewer

    @ TV critic

    TBBT is the highest rated show nowadays. I never miss an episode of it. What makes you say it is awful?

  • David

    Why do you watch the show then idiot

  • Martine

    Wow. Three comments. One of which is negative. How good can this show be?

  • snoot

    Best show on TV, and it’s not even close.

  • Lucas

    We are all watching the show, to busy to write here, that is how good the show is…..

  • Leslie

    I miss Charlie Sheen. I do not like sleezy shows with no imagination. Charlie may have been dumb, but the crew made the show work. Ashton is just a pretty boy. The Big Bang has lots of imagination, and Sheldon is so funny. I really like all of them. I also like Rules of Engagement, but we could replace the engaged couple. The others are great.

  • Anuk

    Big Bang is the funniest thing I have watched in years. I’m not surprised that it is one of the highest rated comedies. There is a reason they have not cancelled it, $$$. Big Bang On, Nuff Said!!!

  • Chris

    @ TV critic you need to be canceled. This is one for the best show on tv today!

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