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  • Nadia

    Noooo!!! I love this show!!!! They can’t cancel this show!!!!!

  • Cindy

    PLEASE for the love god don’t cancel body of proof I love love this show and al thel cast on there so please don’t cancel it thank you

  • Krystal

    Please do not cancel this show. It is amazing! It has action, suspense, humor and real life situations which people go through. The drama is minimal and focuses more on each case presented than the actual people. However,it does still have a decent plot to keep you on edge. There are too many great shows being cancelled so early on so please I am asking nicely please do NOT cancel another decent show!!! Thank you very much.

  • DeeLee

    I can’t believe they wanna cancel this show!! What is ABC thinking!?!

  • Shirley Blanton

    Where is Body of Proof? When will it return–if so at what time?

    Blessings, Shirley

  • Sandra

    This is an awesome show! My 14 year old daughter can’t wait each week to see if she can figure out who did it before Megan! Please leave it alone.

  • Frank

    Where is Body of Proof? This is one of the best shows on Prime Time!!
    Please do not take it off the air. We look forward to this series every
    week. What are you thinking!! I really can not believe this ABC.
    Please do not cancel this.
    Frank and family

  • Mary

    I very much enjoy this show and even record it. Please don’t cancel

  • Cheryl

    I cannot believe you are considering canceling body of proof. It’s a great show. I love the bantering & how the characters interact. I can think of other shows that should be cancelled before this show.

  • Crystal

    I LOVE this show! It is a great combo of drama, science and humor. It would be a mistake to cancel this!!

  • Lin

    I don’t get why the good shows get cancelled. Please don’t cancel Body of Proof. Move it to a better time but please don’t get rid of it. My neighbor and I watch it every week.
    tnx Lin

  • Becky

    Please do not cancel body of proof. This the best show on tv.



  • Susan Youtsey

    Please don’t cancel this show! I love watching this every week, its bad enough we lost Brothers and Sisters and now Desperate Housewives can’t we keep one good show?

  • Judy Mason

    I, too, love, love, love this show so much. It is intelligent, inovating, so smart. The cast is just perfect. I like every one of them in their respective roles.
    Please listen to your viewers. This show is too good to take it off the air.

  • Ann Miller

    I love this show. There are few shows I watch on TV because of their content. The ones the public seem to like glorify many things that are not good about our society. I guess wholesomeness is no longer in. I hope it remains. If not, this will be one less day of TV watching and that could be a good thing, more time for healthier pursuits.

  • Judy

    Do us viewers not have a choice anymore????? I love Body of Proof. Was greatly disappointed when it wasn’t aired this week. What a let down!!!!
    There’s so little good tv to watch anymore. Come on ABC!

  • JP

    How about you cancel Private Practice. Not too many shows that I watch, but Body of Proof I record to make sure I get to see it.

  • Elizabeth

    I am a reader, I love my Kindle. TV just doesn’t do it for me, but I love Body of Proof. One of my sons says more people don’t watch the show because you actually have to think about what’s going on. I certainly hope the network keeps it on.

  • Bob

    It will be a shame to cancel such an entertaining show and keep some to the nonsense that is on. My only complaint is time slot was against Unforgetable. Please keep BOP on. If not, show’s your ignorance.

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