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  • Frankie

    Should we just not watch enough tv to get interested in any of your new shows? Now there is an idea worth thinking about!!
    Who do you poll to see if enough people are watching? Are some shows and stars more expensive each season and that is why you cancel some and not others? Do most people really watch reality like the Khardashians, etc.
    Cancel some of the other junk you put on tv. Lots of junk! So much junk.

  • mary

    DO NOT CANCEL Body of Proof. This has been an entertaining show that the whole family enjoys watching. You can get rid of some of the reality shows. When the reality shows come on we end up watching reruns on cable. When you take your ratings try to get all age groups in not just the younger set

  • David

    I can’t believe that ABC would cancel this show. This is a great show, great cast, and very well done. Please reconsider< ABC. This show belongs on TV. Keep it going!

  • Linda

    Body of proof and hart of dixie are good shows they have great story lines. Now cougar town, nikita and ringer are stupid shows they are the ones that need to be cancelled. The network needs to really get a clue here.

  • Rick Nelson

    I love this show. Every Tuesday after NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, I change over to ABC for “Body of Proof”. I have a scientific/medical background and love good mysteries so, for me, this is one of the best shows currently showing now. I do not like the crass sitcoms on the air today nor do I like reality TV and if ABC cancels “Body of Proof” they will be cancelling one of the best written and acted shows currently on any network.

  • judycwinn

    PLEASE, give us another season of BODY of PROOF. It is a really great show. Please give us a SEASON 3 of BODY of PROOF. Thank You, JUDY WINN

  • empeel07

    It would be a a travesty to cancel this show. Dana Delaney plays a strong character who has overcome a great trial in her lifetime to become successful again. She plays a strong character in the series which is a good example for young women. In addition, Jeri Ryan’s Kate is also a strong female character who exemplifies that women can be successful. The relationship between Megan Hunt and her daughter Lacy realistic and interesting for younger adolescents. The writers have shown how mothers make mistakes, how daughters become hostile and angry and how mother’s and daughter’s solve their differences of opinion.
    More programs with strong female characters should be proposed and aired on television.

  • Jeff

    It’s obvious ABC wants to kill this show. I’m so tired of people singing and dancing and being judged by a panel that think their opinions really matter. Stand behind something ABC/Disney – Take a stand for decency and family.

  • herman

    Body of Proof is one of the best shows on TV……please don’t cancel.

  • Sherry

    I remember when Designing Women was going to be cancelled and there was enough public out roar that it was re-instated. This public is roaring “do not cancel Body of Proof”


    Absolutely love body of proof!! Gotta have more!!

  • Kenneth

    I absolutely love this show (“Body of Proof”)! It was well written, well acted, never boring, good storylines, great character development, and easy to follow. The characters life situations were part of the plot and never overshadowed it! I have never been SO disappointed as when this show was cancelled. If it isn’t brought back, I’ll just stop watching that channel (ABC) altogether and watch another. That’s just it!

  • Cameron!! please don’t cancel this show! me and my dad love this show! i would be so excited to watch it after school and i loved how you had to figure out what was going to happen. me and my dad would have bets on who we thought it was the killer. it was so much fun! this makes me very upset that this show is getting canceled.

  • Kenneth

    The thing I can’t understand is why ABC didn’t just put it on hiatus? They could’ve tried some new new programs or filled in that spot with 20/20. If the response is like it obviously is (to bring it back) then they’d know how dedicated we are to watching it and would keep it on the air!

  • Craig

    OMG no they can’t cancel Body of Proof. I love this show. I watched it every Tuesday and would even watch it again on Hulu later on in the week like on the weekeneds because I really like and enjoy it that much. My mom and I watch it together and it’s something we like talking about. It’s actually a show that she likes and is never disappointed, and the same goes for me to. I really like the cast, and the story of each episode. ABC is crazy for canceling Body of Proof. I mean really what is their deal. Even in my hometown I know lots of other people to who like to watch Body of Proof as well. ABC does it again. Another punch to the stomach. Well that’s how it feels to me. I mean with this being the final season for Desperate Housewives which by the way is another show that both my mother and I enjoy watching. I will dearly miss those women from Wisteria Lane. So with that coming to a close I was looking forward to this fall knowing that at least there would still be Body of Proof to watch and enjoy. It really is a downer that no one can really do anything about it to really. I’m sure if people were to speak out to not cancel Body of Proof, that it probably won’t do any good and change ABC’s mind to not cancel the show. Well Good bye to another great show I guess. I hope they have a change of heart to renew it and keep Body of Proof going.

  • Carol M


  • Jacko

    98% of the entries here want this show saved from cutting board. Will someone listen to the viewers!!!!!

  • Rosemaris

    Please don’t cancel this show. one of the few I watch

  • Craig

    Hey to all those out there wondering about Body of proof. I think we can stop holding out breath. I was doing my daily search checking the fate of the show. I don’t know how I missed it but apparently 1 day ago ABC announced Body of Proof will be renewed for a third season. However the down side is that it will only have 13 episodes. I’m still happy though when I read that. I hope though my research is accurate. I just went to the search bar and typed in “Body of Proof Cancelled” and there it had it listed all the news surrounding the show and right there at the top of the search results it said Body of Proof renewed for third season. I hope others find this and I hope for those of you who love this show are as happy as I am about the news.

  • Sandy

    “Body of Proof” is one of my favorite shows and I anxiously await it every Tues. night, but haven’t seen it lately. Please don’t cancel it!!!!!! My two favorites are “Body of Proof” and “Castle”. I don’t watch any other shows. I’m 75 and love these two programs.

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