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  • Louise

    You CANNOT cancel this show… I loveeeeee it !!!!! Please please please….. keep it.

  • Michael J P

    Actually I never have made any comments about the decisions of renewals or not. I guess I should have. That being said we have had a great loss of shows over the years that could have been classics and have succeeded on DVD and over mediums but we did not give any accolades to. I guess I will have to start voicing my opinion if I would like certain shows to remain. I know that all shows are subjective, but some are just fun. I know it s about numbers but if you remember about certain shows that today would not have been viewed like Cheers, which would have been a great loss, despite original numbers. I guess what it boils down to, is like in politics… voice your opinion, and I would like to have this one remain.

  • lynn snyder

    they have ruined the show this year–new characters are not nearly as good as the three they dumped. i was so looking forward to the new season, but the exorcism and the werewolf shows were more bizarre than good. too bad.

  • Jan

    Please listen to the public.. not everyone likes singing compititions. Some of us like mystery and using our minds to help figure out the crime, instead of just listening to peoples talents. This show is awesome, because of the Actors,(we adore them), the writers,(great story lines) the sexyness..part of the mystery also..and there are a few pages dedicated to saving just this one show! facebook the tv show and see for yourselves
    Please, please, dont listen to the ratings..maybe it belongs on a diff day or time..but dont, please dont cancel this series.. I havent found something that stimulates my mind like this show does.. thanx for listening to my 2 cents worth..
    peace, jan

  • DiAnn Ervin

    Don’t cancel Body Of Proof, that is senseless! That is a good show!

  • Chris

    Please don’t cancel BOP! Such great show and it’s one of my fav’s! :)

  • Joy

    I like this show but they should get the medical facts about diabetes and it’s treatment correct. Megan’s daughter is always having a crisis with her diabetes but they should get the symptoms of hypo and hyper glycemia straight.

  • Dan Hochstetler

    I hope you SERIOUSLY think about getting rid of the female Captain on the show. She takes away from the comeradarie of everyone, she definitely does not support her people, she’s vulgar and ultra demanding. Everything today that you go to training on NOT what to do with your people. She overplays her part.

  • Dan Hochstetler

    PLEASE do not cancel this show, it is unique to some of the other “CSI” shows on the air, love Dana…..keep the show.
    Army Garrison Germany

  • Laila

    Body of Proof is a excellent show. Please DO NOT CANCEL. We love it.

  • Kimberly

    Tuesdays girls nite out ! After bowling all 12 of us head to my house for. Body of proof! We Love it!! Should of been there for the rabies ep. Totally freak us out!. What we like most is it makes ya think! And we love the charectors.!

  • Gray

    PLEASE cancel this show. I work with talented but absolutely devoid of personality and character types all day long. The show makes me think but not enough to overcome the characters.

  • Elaine

    I hope this show does not get cancelled. Please give this show a chance.

  • maggi

    Did anyone else notice that during this evening’s program, that after an emergency trach……the woman could talk? Who is the medical advisor for this program? I think they need a new one.

  • Ralph

    Body of Proof sucked this year. What happened to it? Glad that it was canceled. It was hard to watch.

  • David

    ABC, What are you thinking???? This show is one of the best on TV!!!!!! Keep this show!!!!!!!! I agree with Bob. It does show your ignorance for not renewing this!!

  • bigcam

    The only show i watched on ABC was Body of Proof. there is no need to watch ABC any more for me.

  • jean

    please, please do not cancel Body of Proof we love that show.

  • Rosalie

    Why oh why do they always cancel good programs that have you think. Please do not cancel Body of Proof for this old lady.

  • Senokri

    I agree with Nadia…Noooo!!! I love this show!!!! They can’t cancel this show!!!!! Neilsen needs to find a different way to calculate ratings. I record Body of Proof. They don’t count that. Please don’t cancel. It is one of my favorites.

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