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  • ELiane

    Why do you cancel the good shows? If it were full of sex and bad language you’d keep it on..

  • Marilyn Werner

    What are you thinking canceling Body of Proof!!!
    This is one of the best shows abc has.
    The acting and story line is better then ever.
    Please leave a great show alone!!


  • Lauren

    Please do not cancel it was so popular just bring back the other cast or continue with the cool romance please me and my bffs watch it ever week and we are so sad It’s cancel ????????????????????????so please keep the show

  • Ally

    I love body of proof .Do not cancel it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE BODY OF PROOF!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Cavett

    Body of Proof is one of the most entertaining show on tv. My wife and I cannot believe the network is canceling this show. We couldn’t believe it was canceled last year and was overjoyed when you brought it back and loved the new characters! The show has everything that makes a great show. I do not know who the people are that are rating the shows but they should be fired and I would be happy to fill their position. I am so tired of good shows being canceled and are then replaced by a reality show or a show that has absolutely no appeal at all. PLEASE reconsider your decision and give it another chance!!!

  • Jen

    I really wish Body of Proof had been given an opportunity to continue on; I’ll miss it terribly and highly doubt I’ll watch whatever takes its place. It’s a shame that the network didn’t take in to account the opinion of loyal fans.

  • Claud

    NOOOOO!!! Body of Proof cant be canceled!

  • Denise

    What a shame. This is one of the best shows on TV. Get rid of Jeri Ryan and it would be perfect.

  • Diane Brandon

    I love Body of Proof, why does it have to be canceled. Dana Delany is great and so is the rest of the cast. Please don’t let this happen!

  • supwewatermelon

    OMG!!!I love Body of Proof!!!

  • KJC

    Really disappointed that another good show has been cancelled!

  • julie

    Can’t believe this show is being cancelled what a shame.
    Please reconsider keeping this show.

  • Nicole

    Why Do the networks not listen to what the little people like? I have been a devoted fan of Body of Proof for 3 years, from the start! BOP is the only show actually worth watching, and tv viewers such as myself am planning to boycott watching anything your station airs> This just shows how your Richie-pants deciders have nothing in common with the common man. You have thoroughly destroyed my night.

  • Nicole

    Please don’t cancel a show that is as great as this one is. There is a lot of garbage on tv, but this isn’t garbage, its a great show, and a show where every single character is LIKEABLE. Please don’t cancel it, and please don’t leave all its loyal fans hanging mid season. At the very least, please finish the season.

  • Dean

    Please do not cancel Body of Proof. It is one of the best shows on TV. It is one of the few shows I watch.

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