Pinned to the end of a lousy review for Fox’s Sons of Tucson, San Francisco Chronicle TV columnists proposes a “save the show” campaign for Better Off Ted that doesn’t involve writing ABC.   Write Fox!

Goodman doesn’t actually suggest writing Fox.  And he’s not giving fans any false hope about “Ted” either.  Ok, he might he might sugar coated how dire the situation for “Ted” is at ABC a bit, but rather than any fan-based “save our show” campaign, he has been on a one man crusade lobbying executives at Fox’s network to pick up “Ted,” should ABC pass (I told you he sugar coated a little).

His reasoning is that since Fox (the network) has been on such a creative roll with its sitcoms (‘Til Death, Brothers, and now Sons of Tucson) it might as well pick up “Ted,” since it’s both good and produced in the Fox family at 20th Century Fox Television.

In theory I love Goodman’s thinking.  In practice,  I don’t think Fox the studio is going to cut Fox the network the tremendous deal (we hear practically free) that Sony is giving Fox on ‘Til Death.  And I don’t see Fox the network rolling the dice on ABC’s lowest-rated show unless it got it for pennies on the dollar.  It’s not like “Ted” was some middle of the pack show on the ratings bubble.  And that’s unfortunate, but there’s no getting around it.  I’d like to see Goodman get his wish though.  It would be a pretty cool story.

There are numerous ways to make a case that ABC bungled how it handled “Ted,” and it needs its own special square on the Fan Excuse Bingo cards of being “screwed by Obama.”   But one thing fans can’t really do is suggest ABC screwed “Ted” over  just because it wasn’t produced by ABC Studios.

ABC’s darling, Modern Family is also produced by 20th Century Fox Television.

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