Robert posted the video of Julia-Louis Dreyfus joking about being asked not to appear on The Jay Leno Show.

Today the LA Times notes that CBS and ABC are discouraging their stars from appearing, but Fox and HBO are encouraging their stars to go on the show. If you think guest stars drive TJLS  ratings it may make sense for ABC and CBS, but if you think TJLS appearances are effective marketing (and they all thought Tonight Show appearances were with lower ratings) then it may be a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Rival networks ABC and CBS are discouraging their stars from appearing on the prime-time talk show. They are determined not to let Leno’s 10 p.m. program undercut viewership of their costly dramas when they are trying to build audiences at the start of the TV season.


Several other TV networks, particularly Fox and HBO, are encouraging their talent to appear as guests on Leno’s show. Hugh Laurie, star of Fox’s highly rated drama “House,” appeared on Leno on Friday. One incentive to showcase Laurie, however, is that “House” is produced by NBC’s production arm, Universal Media Studios.

via LA Times.

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