Update 2: I didn’t watch the commercials during the awards, but apparently no spots aired until after the awards show was over. If so, perhaps THR’s source was wrong, or something changed (perhaps the ‘Today’ interview?) See update below.

Update: Sheen also interviewed for NBC’s ‘Today‘.  It will air Monday morning.

Not that Charlie Sheen needs any extra promotion, but ABC will air two promo spots during the Oscars for ABC News’ 20/20 interview with Charlie Sheen at 10pm ET on Tuesday.

Earlier Deadline Hollywood had reported that ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences were battling over whether promo spots for the Sheen interview would air, but THR reports two spots will air according to network sources.

I posted the promo earlier, but have included it below.   I’d look for a “How Badly Will Sheen Interview Crush CBS’s ‘The Good Wife’?” poll sometime on Tuesday…  The interview also looks to boost ‘Good Morning America’ which will air excerpts Monday and Tuesday.

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