Ugly Betty

Gay entertainment news blog reports that Ugly Betty’s move to Wednesdays has been confirmed by inside sources at ABC:

Just when I thought network programming was so bad that it had to be done by a bunch of drunk monkeys (see: NBCSucks), ABC goes and proves me wrong by moving Ugly Betty to Wednesday nights, rectifying their bone-headed mistake of moving the show to Fridays. Kristin at E! reported it as as a rumor this morning, but a source very close to the show has confirmed to the move is definite although the time hasn’t been decided for sure.

It’s not very clear to me from that post what the fate of  The Middle (Hank’s fate seems more certain, and it isn’t good) is in such a move, but I’d be surprised to see Ugly Betty at 10pm. Of course, I was surprised that they would move Ugly Betty from Fridays!

I’m sure sooner rather than later we’ll hear more and get official word from ABC along with the rest of its mid-season scheduling plans.

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